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Sending a Shiver Down Your Spine.

A few months ago I was standing on a dusty hillside in Thailand with about twenty members of a running club or, perhaps a more accurate description would be “a drinking club with a running problem”. We were sweltering under the 30 degree sun, when I saw two men carry a huge block of ice out from the back of a truck. I had no idea what it was for, but I was sure I’d find out soon enough.

After the run, we sat in a ring of chairs which surrounded the inauspicious block of ice. One by one members of the group were summoned to sit upon it, whilst being mocked and ‘punished’ for poor performance in the run and forced to down a beer. It wasn’t long before I was called to the centre, for wearing such offensively bright clothing.

After cautiously sitting down upon the ice, various men volunteered to “take the ice” with me, so I wasn’t free to stand until I’d consumed three or four beers, and by this time my bum was completely numb and my skirt was soaking wet. But is there something sexual about applying ice to the most intimate parts of the body?


Much like in my previous blog on wax play, using ice cubes during sex or BDSM is a form of sensation play, or temperature play, and can be incorporated in a variety of imaginative ways to stimulate your most sensitive areas.

How can something so cold be pleasurable?

Using ice can heighten a variety of physical and sexual experiences by providing a new and extraordinary feeling. The intense sensation of the cold ice cubes will make your skin extra sensitive to the touch and any sexual contact feel even more pleasurable.

Some of you gentlemen may be wondering how you’re meant to get hard when a southerly chill generally has the opposite effect. Well, popular opinion holds that in fact, the intense sensation of the ice, coupled with the arousing situation and the warmth of your partner’s body will actually make your penis even bigger and harder than normal.

So how can I use ice to get my partner hot?

Be prepared – have a freezer full of ice; the bigger the cubes the more you have to play with and the longer each piece will last.

A delightful start would be stimulating your partner’s erogenous zones; wrists, inner elbow, behind the knee, neck, thighs, nipples… all of which will feel exquisite and create a highly arousing experience.

Using ice for oral sex, be that fellatio or cunnilingus, can again feel truly amazing. The combination of a partner’s tongue, hands and ice creates a delicious experience. Another top tip for oral sex with ice cubes is making the water minty for your partner’s tingly enjoyment, or making ice cubes out of white wine so it’s even more gratifying for you.

A gentleman once told me that he loves it when his partner sticks ice cubes in his ass during oral sex, just before he’s about to come – the feeling is meant to be mind-blowing! Speaking of which, have you ever heard of an ice dildo?

Ice dildos are easy to make and thrilling to use; you simply fill a condom with water and leave it in the freezer – the cheapest dildo you’ll ever own! Though you won’t own it for long…

An ice dildo can be used in the same way as an ice cube to stimulate the clitoris or erogenous zones, but then is great for vaginal or anal penetration. Another great advantage of using an ice dildo is that if it does get lost in some part of your body, it will eventually cease to exist. I still recommend that you use a lubricant with an ice dildo – we’ve all heard of ‘dry ice’.

If you want a cold ice-like dildo which you can use indefinitely, then it may be worth investing in a glass dildo. You can freeze them and heat them up for ever-interesting temperature play, as well as being simple to clean, rigid for amazing g-spot stimulation, and beautiful to look at!

It’s Fetish Friday – What about us BDSM lovers?

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you! Ice can be used to pleasure, surprise, confuse and ‘torture’ your partner during BDSM and bondage play. When used with a blindfold or facial hood you can run ice along the surface of your submissive’s body, providing an intense sensation that they didn’t see coming.

The sensations can be even more amazing when you mix the feeling of extreme heat with extreme cold. You could try experimenting with this by applying ice, then hot wax or hot tea, then switching back to something cold again. The combination of different temperatures will stimulate and confuse your partner and leave their skin feeling extra sensitive.

Leaving ice on your partner’s body for prolonged periods of time can almost be torturous – if that’s what you’re into 😉

So what are you waiting for? Go fill your ice tray! And I’ll see you kinky devils next Friday.


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