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Fetish Friday – Put on your rubber gloves…

There really is nothing sexier then slipping into something ‘dirty’, getting down on your knees and… scrubbing a toilet bowl?

Yes it’s Fetish Friday once again and this week we’re taking a look at Domestic Servitude.

We’ve all heard friends and family members complaining about “being chained to the kitchen sink”, but to some that would actually be a huge turn-on.

So we’re all pretty savvy now to the idea that in a BDSM relationship there is generally a dominant partner and a submissive partner. Well in a relationship such as this it is not uncommon for there to be no sexual contact whatsoever between the Domme or Dom and the sub, but the sub of course understands that he or she is not worthy of such a privilege.

So what does one do with a sub who is not even worthy of eating your pussy all day? Set him to work of course! Outside of the dungeon you still have dishes to wash, a bathroom to clean, clothes to iron, so why should you have to do all of these mundane tasks when you have a lowly sub who would be more than grateful for the privilege of balling your socks?

So why would anyone want to unclog my sink and deep clean my oven?

The type of person who gains satisfaction, or even sexual gratification from doing the jobs which others dread really enjoy being subservient. To a true sub, nothing is more pleasurable that scraping the lime scale out of his mistress’ kettle, in the hope that he will be rewarded with a stiletto heal in the mouth. Then there is the risk of course that you could be punished for doing a job poorly… so there is always that to look forward to.

A submissive may simply take pride in a job well done, and the knowledge that he or she has made life easier for their Domme/Dom. It is also not unheard of for a sub to be sexually aroused by the thought of cleaning where the Dom/Domme bathes nude, or goes to the toilet. In fact cleaning the toilet seat with his or her tongue may be preferable in some cases.

Costume may also be a consideration when doing chores for reasons of fetish. One sub may be happy in jeans and a t-shirt, where as another may want a frilly French maid’s outfit, or even a rubber mask.

I think I can deal with that… where do I find one of these people? My patio could do with a sweep.

Well I wouldn’t say these people are in terribly high abundance, but it may be worth investigating the BDSM community and seeing if you can get a few chores done this weekend…

Baci French Maid Costume

Fetish Bondage Dog-Mask Hood

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