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Fetish Friday- NSFL?

It’s Wrong but it Feels so Reich…

World War II ended on the 8th May 1945 and although that date was more than 70 years ago it’s a day that will never be forgotten.

60 million people were killed during WWII; the earth’s population dropped 3% from 2.3 billion (yup – we’ve gained an extra 5 billion people in the last 70 years – wtf?!)

The Nazi dictatorship was responsible for the suffering a death of millions of people on the battle field, in concentration camps, and in general civilization… yet some people still like to dress up as Nazis in the bedroom?

Nazi fetishism can, for the most part, be broken down into five facets; uniform fetishism, accent fetishism, aesthetic preference (for the Aryan look), sadomasochism and the taboo nature of the fetish…

nazi1Uniform Fetishism

Uniform fetish is perhaps the biggest facet of Nazi fetishism. A person with a fetish for uniform may like police officers, fire fighters or nurses, but no uniform has ever been so sharp nor so severe as the Nazi uniform. Clean cut, dark and adorned with badges, the Nazi uniform not only looks authoritative but by association it instills fear into the souls of many.

… and if you’re wondering why Nazi uniforms were so slick, they were designed by Hugo Boss :S

Nazi uniforms have since been adapted by the BDSM community to feature leather, latex and PVC for fetish and bondage play. Those with a Nazi fetish may choose to wear the traditional peaked caps, jackboots and trench coat, though actual Nazi symbols, such as the swastika, may see you denied entry to a fetish club.

Even our own Prince Harry once dressed as a Nazi for a costume party… and that went down a treat!

Accent Fetishism

I’ve written about this fetish in a prior Fetish Friday blog in which I confessed a personal penchant for Gaelic accents. Enjoying the sound of a harsh German accent however is another big part of Nazi fetishism.

Even when spoken softly by a mild-mannered German person the German language can be very harsh on the foreign ear. Now up the volume and throw in some cruel, war time dialect and you’ve got yourself perfect Nazi BDSM roll play!

To some submissives, nothing could be hotter than a terrifying German Master/Mistress barking harsh commands at them in a strong German accent.

nazi4The Aryan Race

Another component of Nazi fetishism is that some people just love the Aryan look; blue eyes and blonde hair (usually neatly combed)… That pigtailed German Barbie girl or the chiseled, blonde officer…

That’s not to say anyone’s for racial cleansing of course, some people just prefer blondes!


Nazi roll play works remarkably well with BDSM – think about it; the Nazis were cruel, they kept prisoners, they beat and tortured people and they enjoyed in! A Nazi would make the perfect sexual Dom(me)!

Once you’ve slipped into your Nazi attire and perfected the German accent, get hold of some whips, canes and chains and really show your sub who’s boss.

nazi5It’s taboo!

The use of Nazism and the swastika for shock value, known as Nazi chic, began in the 1970s with the punk movement. The swastika was even worn by the Sex Pistols during their first TV appearance. The taboo nature of Nazi symbolism is what makes it exciting, both in the fetish world and otherwise.

But, as politically incorrect as this all sounds, there are even some Jewish people into Nazi BDSM roll play (according to online testimonials) – now THAT’S TABOO!

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