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Nipple Weights and Nipple Training

Being one of your erogenous zones, the nipples are a highly sensitive part of the body, so stimulation in that area can be deliciously pleasurable, or delightfully painful, depending on which way you’re inclined.

Nipple clamps can really intensify your sexual experience as they encourage blood flow, thus making the nipples more sensitive and more erect, then every touch, tug, lick or pull feels all the more pleasurable.

But if you’re looking to really take nipple play to the next level , you may like to try out nipple weights.

I’m guess I won’t find these in the gym?

You most certainly will not. Nipple weights are for those of you who really like to get kinky in the bedroom. These little wonders pull down on your nipples making the sensation more intense and the pinch more extreme.

Small and delicate, the weights hang from your nipples which both feel wonderful and add an arousing aesthetic element.

Sounds delightful – where should I start?

The world record for nipple weightlifting is 29KG – but why don’t we just start with say, 50 grams?

You should gradually increase the amount of weight you can handle, which is known as nipple training, and your body will learn to tolerate the pain – pleasurable pain – then you’ll be able to handle heavier and heavier weights.


Nipple stimulation is a tantalising and exciting way to spice up regular intercourse, so if you don’t think this Friday’s Fetish is too frightening, maybe you should give it a go 😉

50g Nipple Weights with Tweezers

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