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Less Talk, More Teeth

Have you ever been with a lover who was kind of ‘bitey’? Well today we’re going to look at Odaxelagnia, also known as biting fetishism.

Odaxelagnia describes a person who derives sexual pleasure from biting or being bitten.


So what’s the deal with this?

Well in its lighter form, biting is not all that uncommon; a nibble of the ear, a hickey on the neck… more a form of kissing than any notable sadism.

Probably a more accurate description of odaxelgnia would be a person who gets a thrill from leaving bite marks, bruises or even drawing blood… which of course has its ties with vampirism.


So what’s hot about biting?

It’s raw, animalistic, passionate; your desire is so great that you cannot help but physically mark them and claim them as yours. In a slightly more sadistic sense, one person may enjoy inflicting pain on another, just as the receiver may experience sexual satisfaction from the pain of being bitten.

As part of a sadomasochistic relationship, one party enjoys giving pain, the other receiving it. Erotic biting can be a part of BDSM play, but is often something quite separate from bondage and discipline.

The chances are, if you’re just caught up in the heat of the moment and bite your lover’s neck, you probably don’t have a “biting fetish”. However, if you obsess about the thought of your teeth biting into the flesh of another person, or another person biting you, then you may very well have a fetish. Ultimately, if you’re more interested in the act of biting than the person you’re biting (or the person biting you) then that is odaxelgnia.

So you’d like to try a little biting in the bedroom? Well you could give your partner a little nibble and see how they respond. Groaning with pleasure? Great! Try biting a little harder…


Or perhaps you’re the one wanting to be bitten? Well, relationships are notoriously all about communication. Try asking your partner to bite you during sex; if they really want to please you they’ll do it… even if they think it’s a bit odd.

They shouldn’t think it’s too odd; it’s hot! I’ve written about far worse.


Although, if you’re looking to draw blood that might be a bit much for most people… maybe try strawberry body paint?

In extreme cases odaxelagnia can have its links with cannibalism! So bear that in mind when you’re with an overly nibbley lover. Maybe ‘take five’ and offer to make him or her a steak, just to satisfy the urge for flesh.

I jest, chances are you’ll be fine.

Have a nibbley weekend!

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