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Fetish Friday – Foot Fetish!

rex-feet-time-copy_crop_340x234Well it’s about time we covered this delightful niche – or perhaps not so niche? Quite possibly the most popular and well documented fetish of them all; the foot fetish.

Feet have been delighting mankind (and occasionally womankind) since ancient man first stepped out of his cave and noticed the dainty, but slightly hairy, foot of a passing cavewoman. Or at least I assume this happened – I wasn’t there!

Foot fetishism, also known as foot worship and podophilia, describes a sexual interest in feet and often footwear. This fetish varies greatly from one foot-admirer to the next; one man may enjoy a woman donning a stiletto heal, where as others may appreciate a naked, beautifully manicured foot, and another may go crazy for a sweaty pair of feet in gym socks!

So what is it about feet that is so appealing?

For a lot of men it’s about the femininity of a woman’s foot; the small toes, the painted nails, the high arches, the slender ankle and soft soles. The feet are of course an erogenous zone, so some men enjoy tickling a woman’s foot and watching her wriggle and laugh uncontrollably as the sensation becomes too much to handle! Another person may simply enjoy the smell of a foot and find the aroma intoxicating.

Estimates state that a shockingly high 20 – 40% of men have ‘fetish’ for feet – so when you’re going on a date ladies don’t forget the pedicure, you never know what he could be into.

If being aroused by feet is so common place, can it really be considered a ‘fetish’?

Possibly not!

“According to the scientific definition of a fetish, a fetish must have an inanimate object as the object of desire. Since the foot is part of the body… technically, it’s not really a fetish.” – Doctor Peter Buehler.

So I guess this could mean that today is simply “Friday”. Well, even if feet aren’t technically a fetish, we still find foot fandom very interesting!

Okay yes, I like women’s feet, but what I love are my mistress’ feet!

It is fairly common place in a BDSM relationship in which the woman is the Domme and the man is submissive for him to worship the woman’s feet. Worshipping the feet in this context is symbolic of the man being lowly and kneeling down to the level of her feet as she towers above him. Often the Domme will put her foot or stiletto heel in his mouth, an act which is dirty and degrading, or the Domme will stand on his face or body as he lies submissively on the floor.

Acts such as these can be commonplace even when a man does not have a foot fetish and simply likes to be dominated by a woman, but a man who liked feet would find this kind of dominance all the more arousing.

And, what about the ‘foot job’?

Yes!  We couldn’t possibly write a blog post about feet without mentioning the rather curious foot job!

So there are two main ways you can give a guy a ‘foot job’; you can either allow the penis between the arches of your feet, or, you can wrap your toes around his manhood. If you go for the soles you’ve got a little more surface area to work with, but when going for the latter option he gets to enjoy the bumpy texture of your toes – so maybe mix it up a little!

You’re probably going to want to use a lubricant for this, and a silicone lubricant would be a preference over a water-based lube as it lasts for longer and has a lovely smooth texture.

As for the logistics; you can try sitting behind him, wrapping your legs around him then placing your feet around his penis. Alternatively you could try sitting in front of him and wrapping your feet around his cock. If you’re finding it too awkward just using your feet, you can always put your hands in the backs of your feet to assist with speed and motion.

Another option is for him to fuck your feet in any which way is comfortable for the both of you. Just try a few things and see what works best.

But really, if you’re into feet, don’t be shy! You’re not alone 😉

Happy Footsie Friday!

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