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Financial Domination

So ladies, what if I told you that you could treat a man like crap and abuse him in any way you desire, and in return he would worship you and give you money to spend on luxuries? What’s more you wouldn’t even have to touch the guy, let alone fuck him! Well ladies, such a thing is possible.


What I just described is financial domination. We all know by now how a Dom(me)/ sub relationship works; the Dom(me) is in control and may verbally or physically abuse the sub by way of insulting language, humiliation, ‘slavery’, beating, ‘torturing’, caging or dragging them around on a chain. The sub has absolutely no power in this relationship and is completely at the mercy of their dominant. If the Dom(me) forbids eye contact, orders the sub to drink from the toilet, or demands to use their body as a fuck-toy, the sub will obediently comply. A Dom(me)/ sub arrangement can be part of a sexual relationship, or completely void of any sexual contact (as many Dom(me)s find their subs to be utterly pathetic!)

So what does financial domination involve? Well the sub (pay pig/ wallet/ money slave), by order of his mistress (pay princess/ money mistress/ goddess), will give her his hard earned wages to spend on frivolities and self indulgence. For some subs this may be a small chunk of cash here and there, but for the most loyal and subservient men, this will be almost his entire income, withstanding some money for basic living essentials (rent, food, electricity). The sub will buy no luxuries, no fine things, no nice clothes or expensive gadgets. Any spare money the submissive has must be given to the mistress.

I say mistress, as in female Domme, as I have come across no instances of a female sub giving money to a male Dom, but I’m sure it must happen!


So, really, what does the man stand to gain from this scenario? It sounds like he’s getting a pretty rough deal!

0905bSurely the same could be said of any Dom(me)/ sub relationship; one in which a sub has a back covered in welts or an abdomen scarred by stiletto heels. The submissive desires this, he has an overwhelming feeling that he is not worthy, and serving a mistress brings him pleasure and satisfaction. The bottom line is, he has a need to be controlled.

You might be curious as to how these relationships arise, well surprisingly a lot of them exist solely online so the sub never even gets to see or meet his mistress! In fact, it is often the sub who approaches the Domme about the arrangement, perhaps a model or cam girl on social media, a girl he envisages as superior, domineering and “out of his league”, he will then contact her about becoming her money slave.


So why don’t more women do this? Surely word of such a fetish would get around pretty quickly?

Well, you know what they say; “aint nothing in this world for free”. It’s easy to look at this scenario as one in which you’re given money for doing nothing more than looking pretty and sending a few “small dick”, “fat little pay pig”, “worthless and pathetic money slave” emails, but that’s simply not the case.

For one, acquiring slaves can be difficult. Sure, if you’re a famous cam girl maybe you may have pay pigs contacting you from time to time, but for the majority of aspiring Dommes it’s a case of putting yourself out there, maybe even advertising online or spending hours searching through forums.

0905cOnce you’ve acquired a slave you may in some arrangements take on an accountant type role; looking at your sub’s monthly income and outgoing, calculating what he spends on bills, food, clothes, then deciding where his money would be better spent on you. Your sub may report to you daily with his spending behaviour, and if he treats himself to a bar of chocolate on the way home from work, he must be punished!

Furthermore you have to keep your money slave interested or they won’t be coming back. You have to be unique and creative with a lot of personality and charisma so the pay pig stays loyal to you. If you’re just like any other mistress, or don’t put any personality into your work (by way of blogs, emails, video clips, and photos) your sub will get bored and seek the attention of another Domme.

So when you take into account the time looking for a sub, daily communication and the effort of making new and unique ‘material’ to maintain your sub’s interest, you’re actually putting in many hours of work, so if you’re not making back some decent cash you’d probably be better off in a regular 9 to 5 job.

Having said that, some experienced Dommes do make a full time living from a financially dominating men, so all the best of luck to you!

Have a great weekend and happy Fetish Friday!

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