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Fetish Friday – Eye-Licking


Well it made global headlines two weeks ago and has been a pretty hot topic on social media ever since, so I figured why not dedicate this week’s Fetish Friday to the rather disgusting eyeball-licking fetish.

Wait – what?

Oh yes, and what makes this act of running a thick slobbery tongue over a slimy eyeball  all the more disgusting is that it’s also known as “worming”.

Although this fetish has only just begun to turn the stomachs of the more squeamish amongst us Westerners, eye-licking can be found on YouTube as far back as 2006.

None the less, in recent months this fad has become increasingly popular in Japanese high schools, being dubbed the “new second base” after Japanese Emo band “Born” featured the act in one of their music videos.

But, why?  

The surface of the eye is very sensitive as it has to be able to detect grit and dust, therefore running a tongue along it is meant to provide an ‘interesting’ sensation, allegedly similar to toe-sucking.

Okay, sounds good! Stay still and don’t blink…

No, no, no! For once I’m actually advising against partaking in Fetish Friday kinkery; this slimy act can be very dangerous. Engaging in Oculolinctus (the ‘technical’ name) can lead to conjunctivitis (pink-eye), eye-Chlamydia (oh dear), corneal abrasions and even blindness!

Teachers in Japanese schools have reported a surge in the number of students wearing eye patches, so unless you want your foreplay to leave you weeping at the tear-duct, maybe give this craze a miss!

(But if you do ignore my wise words of caution and try this out, please leave me a comment and let me know how it was!)

slug plus lychee eye licking

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