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Eye Contact Restrictions

Sometimes the simplest things can have the largest effect, like uttering certain words, or the slightest caressing touch. Eye contact is perhaps the most powerful tool of all, capable of seduction or destruction, and restricting someone’s eye contact, well, that’s just cruel 😉


In the kinky world of BDSM, where one party is Dominant and the other is submissive, there are many ways in which the Dom(me) can assert their authority over the sub, and eye contact restriction may be the simplest and most effective of them all.

The sub, first and foremost, should be ‘below’ the Dom(me); be that physically kneeling, stood against the wall or in some other position, the ‘bottom’ should be made to feel lowly and pathetic. The sub may also be nude or wearing a dog collar for further humiliation.


Now to create a feeling of isolation, domination and perhaps even fear; the Dom(me) can restrict the sub’s eye contact, forbidding them to look up thus stripping them of their most powerful sense.

A sub will generally be told to keep their eyes on the floor and most certainly keep their unworthy gaze away from the face of their master or mistress. Being unable to look up makes the sub feel vulnerable, unable to see what’s going on around them and are unaware of what’s about to happen; a spank, a whip or even the pressure of a stiletto heel in the buttocks.


Eye contact restrictions are also a low maintenance affair, you don’t need expensive rubber clothing or a fully kitted out bondage dungeon, you just need your words and your authority.

Even more fun is that your sub is sure to ‘break’ at some point, unable to resist gazing into the eyes of their Dom(me), at which point you can punish them in any way you deem fit; a slap to the face, ten firm licks of the cane, making them lick the toilet seat… all completely acceptable punishments in BDSM terms (assuming you discussed a list of acceptable punishments before beginning your role play).


Some submissives enjoy having their eye contact restricted as it removes pressure and adds an air of mystery. Others just enjoy it as part of domination and humiliation, just as they would being told to drink from a dog bowl on the floor. To obscure even more of your partner’s vision you could use a blindfold, completely removing their ability to see, or a full facial hood to block out even more senses.



101 thoughts on “Eye Contact Restrictions”

  1. Interesting, I’d never thought about it in this much detail before. Time to put some ideas into fruition I think 😉

  2. I used to think I couldn’t be classed as ‘submissive’ because I’m not particularly fond of pain, but I like the feeling of being owned by my partner when he spanks me.

  3. My girlfriend & I would love to have this to try out together :3 We are just getting into this type of play!

  4. Cant tell u how much I need this kit,
    I broke my cuffs +snapped my whip,
    Could walk my puppy wit the collar +chain,
    And the gag should muffle his yelps of pain 😛

  5. Bought a bondage kit from you before Christmas but this one has everything, looks really comprehensive. Love to win one of these for my girlfriend. Would definitely get some use out of it. Wearing our other gear out.

  6. Ohh my! What fun I could have with these! Love nothing better than a night at my favourite fetish club, there would get put to good use! No doubt about that! Awesome prize! Fingers crossed!

  7. I love the high quality look of all this bondage kit – it looks rugged and able to withhold the struggles of a naughty sub such as myself

  8. OMG WOW!! I could REALLY create some INTENSE pleasure and EXQUISITE pain with that lovely little collection of toys!!

    Bruno xxx

  9. Mmm wud luv this not only to expand my toybag but ta see the look on my fuck buddies face wen hes tied up nd whipped like the lil bitch he is lol

  10. The anticipation as your hear your tormentor moving around, while your eyes are covered. Not knowing what’s coming next, but willing it to happen.

  11. Congratulations to Kram who is the winner of the luxury bondage set.

    Once again thank you for all the entries and keep your eyes peeled on Pinterest for another competition soon.

  12. New to the ‘BLOG’ section of Bondara I found this very Educational to read the comments, I often fantasise about my old school-teacher (Miss Stafford)& her very strict teaching methods, I doubt I would be so brave as to invite punishment now but I can dream. x

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