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Fetish Friday – A Look at Voyeurism

1352999-256-k118229Every breath you take, every move you make, I’ll be watching you.

It’s Fetish Friday once again and today we’re going to be peeping through curtains, taking up-skirt photographs and steaming up our binoculars as we enter the ever so naughty world of voyeurism.

Voyeurism is a term which covers everything from the fun and consensual to the scary and illegal. This fetish describes those who like to watch others, usually unsuspecting, and pleasure themselves whilst doing so.

Some may say that voyeurism is much like watching porn; you’re masturbating whilst looking a person(s) who is usually naked and engaging in some kind of sexual activity. However, others may argue that the activity is a huge breech of privacy and in some instances can constitute stalking. So how would you feel if your neighbour was peeping through your key hole?

Let’s first take a look at Consensual Voyeurism;

Luckily for you kinky bunch, there are people who would enjoy you watching them whilst you’re choking the bishop.  More specifically, this is a situation where a voyeur and an exhibitionist would be a match made in perverted heaven.

When a person consents to being watched, the subject is sexually aroused by the thought of a person looking at them. A good example of this would be dogging. At dogging sites you’ll find a fun assortment of people who like to watch and like to be watched. In fact, switching on your interior lights is the recognised signal for “come and watch the show”.

Consensual voyeurism can occur in more mainstream situations also, such as at a nudist beach. Sunbathers are consenting to being seen naked, but usually not for any sexual purpose. You can also consider yourself a voyeur if you’ve ever been to a strip club or watched a live cam show. These girls are consenting to being watched, but generally for financial gain rather than sexual gratification.

However, Non-Consensual Voyeurism is a different matter entirely.People who watch others without their consent and often without their knowledge have historically been known as “Peeping Toms”.

The expression “Peeping Tom” was established in England nearly a thousand years ago when, as legend has it, Lady Godiva rode through the streets naked on a horse, and everyone averted their eyes out of respect for the lady except for one tailor named Tom, who could not resist sneaking a peek as she rode by. Immediately after, Tom was struck blind.

Well, you probably won’t go blind if you take a peek at your neighbours through the curtains, but you may get an unwanted visit from the police if your admiration isn’t appreciated.

There once was a time when the worst you could expect from a “Peeping Tom” was a cheeky glance at you in your birthday suit, but now voyeurs are able to see into very distant windows with telephoto lenses, record you and re-live that moment as often as they wish, or even share it on the internet!

Sometimes the thought of getting caught is part of the appeal for the voyeur as it is part of the “forbidden” and adds a bit of excitement and fear. An interesting twist however is when a subject knows they’re being “secretly watched” and too finds this arousing.

Some voyeurs may hope to catch people having sex, masturbating or walking around naked, where as others may want to see you on the toilet or doing any number of daily tasks. But if you’ve ever watched Big Brother then you’re probably in no position to judge!


The chances are that after reading this you’ve discovered you’re a pervert!

… but you probably knew that already 😉


One thought on “Fetish Friday – A Look at Voyeurism”

  1. My partner Vicky and I really like visiting nudist beaches. Naked couples tend to attract voyeurs. If someone wants to look then it’s much nicer if they come up to you and have a chat and they get a much better view. I don’t mind if the openly watch from a distance but don’t like those who try to hide from you. I find wearing a cock ring attracts attention and is a good ice-breaker. I like nothing better than talking to a complete stranger and then Vicky starts playing with me to give me an erection made extra hard by the cock ring.

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