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Fetish for Balls

muscle man beach ball fetishWith Leicester winning the Premier League this week, it seemed like the perfect time to talk about BALLS.

What about balls? A Fetish for Balls, that’s what.

Well, we live in a cock-centric world where the bigger your dick is, the better.

… but balls need some lovin’, too!

testicle chin ball fetishWhen I first discovered sex I was completely afraid of balls. There they were, hanging down in the background… was I expected to touch them?! Scary things…

Today a good friend of mine attributes her “world’s best blowjob” to the attention she pays to a guy’s balls;

Before you get down to the actual blowjob, you want to start by licking the balls. Then, as you move on to fellatio, lightly tickle the balls with one hand as you grasp his cock with the other. Continue to move back and forth between cock and balls by going from taking his cock in your mouth to something like ball sucking or teabagging. The occasional ball squeeze is okay but not too hard – unless they’re into pain! And don’t forget the perineum, of course.

If that all sounded rather delightful and you like your nuts to be fondled then here are five fetishes for lovers of ball play;

monkey big balls fetishBall squeezing

Having your testicles squeezed may sound rather painful but it can actually be very pleasurable. If you’re short of a willing partner to grab your grapes then you could always buy a ball sleeve which sits tightly at the top of the scrotum with an additional strap to fit between the testicles. Scrotal clamps also exist!

Ball stretching

Ball stretching is BIG. You may think that the last thing any young man would want is to have low hanging “old man balls” – wrong! Plenty of guys buy scrotal sleeves, parachute ball stretchers, weighted ball sleeves and more to create that long-ball look. Of course, it feels great too!

Electrocution play

If you’re looking for extreme thrills then electrocution play may be right up your street! You can buy electric sex toys for pretty much any erogenous zone, so if you’re into ball play then certainly keep your eye out for a tingling toy to zap your nut sack! At Bondara you can buy ElectraStim scrotal loops – perfect for providing intensely pleasurable pain.

squirrel caught ballsThe Humbler

Speaking of pain… have you ever heard of the Humbler? This cruel and somewhat medieval sex toy in kind of like ‘stocks’ but for your ball sack. The device rests at the back of a man’s thighs and contains a hole through which the scrotum is to protrude. As the man’s nuts are now pulled back between his legs and locked into the humbler, he is unable to stand and must remain on all-fours. Pretty cruel, huh?

Japanese ball busting

Japanese ball busting, otherwise known as “tamakeri” is certainly not for the faint hearted. Simply put, ball busting is the act of kicking a man, as hard as possible, in the nuts. Why? I’m not exactly sure. Any man with whom I’ve discussed this topic has described a blow to the gonads as the most horrendously painful experience imaginable. Many men even say that a kick to the balls has to be more painful than childbirth! Why then would any man WANT to be booted in the nuggets? Those guys are some level 10 masochists, for sure.

That’s all for this week; fellas, I hope that you family jewels remain well intact for the entire weekend and ladies, be gentle now 😉

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