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Fetish Firsts

Something I’ve learnt over the last few months is that first and foremost, sex should be fun. If you’re not having a great time with the person you’re fooling around with then you’re doing something wrong.

2015 a

So, being as its new year, why not try something completely new with your partner? You may find it sexy and wildly pleasurable, or maybe just downright hilarious; either way it’ll be something exciting that you’ve never tried before.




Feet aren’t gross!

Contrary to popular opinion, feet really aren’t gross. Like any part of the body, so long as they’re clean and nicely groomed there really isn’t anything to be worried about – we all have feet after all (except those of us who are mermaids).

2015 bNot so long ago I myself didn’t see the appeal of feet; “they’re disgusting! I really don’t understand foot fetishism”, but in the past year my opinion has changed somewhat. Your feet and toes are erogenous zones, so to have someone touch, massage or ever lick your feet can be a highly sensual experience, so don’t miss out on something enjoyable just because of any preconceptions you may have.

The next time you’re having some experimental fun with your partner, try running a hot bath then partaking in some squeaky clean foot play – you may just get a kick out of it 😉


Double penetration 

If you’re even a little experimental, you’ve probably tried anal sex, but what about double penetration (DP)? That’s vaginal and anal penetration at the same time – in case you weren’t sure.

Now I’m not saying you need to have a threesome; there’s no need to invite your boyfriend’s mate, Barry the electrician, around for coffee and a hog-roast – there are other ways you can enjoy DP!

In addition to your partner’s penis, you can have a lot of fun with fingers and sex toys to simulate the sensation of double penetration. You could try slipping a cheeky finger or two in the backdoor when you’re having vaginal sex, or sliding a dildo into your pussy when you’re enjoying anal sex.


Temperature play

T2015 dhere’s no better time to play around with hot and cold than around the festive period. You still have candles around the house from Christmas and there’s still plenty of ice ready for the liquor cabinet – not to mention the icicles hanging from the roof just outside!

Playing with extreme temperatures can be very exciting; shocking your senses and awakening your body. To experiment with temperature you could try running a cube of ice across your partner’s erogenous zones or dripping hot wax on their skin. You can also have a lot of fun with glass or metal sex toys by heating or cooling them with water.

For an extra special sensation try holding a cube of ice in your mouth until it melts then pleasuring your partner’s body with your cold tongue.


Bondage basics

2015 cYou could say that bondage is the bread and butter of the fetish world; restraining the arms and legs of your partner, tying them to the bed, restraining them to a chair, hog-tying, etc. If you haven’t experimented with bondage yet then 2015 is definitely the year to try it.

As a beginner trying out bondage for the first time you could use a neck-tie, silk scarf or furry handcuffs, but if you’d like to take things a little more seriously then you may want to invest in some bondage rope for a whole new world of creative and kinky possibilities.

When your partner is restrained you’re free to tease and torture their body, inflicting pleasure and pain as you see fit. Furthermore, even if you’re completely new to the art of rope bondage you can find many tutorials and tips online which will explain how to best restrain your partner.


Intimate shaving

One final fun fetish idea for 2015 – a new hairdo! Shaven genitals can be really sexy; everything looks clean and exposed, unobscured and vulnerable. You may already be rocking the Hollywood, and if you are, then rather than doing all the landscaping yourself, why not invite your partner into the shower, hand them the razor and let them have fun carefully shaving your most intimate areas.

Seriously, you may never have considered pre-coital grooming to be something sexy, but shaving your partner, or letting you partner shave you, could be a very intimate part of foreplay. You could even try a new style; Brazilian, triangle or love heart – so long as you’re both having fun there really are no rules!


Well, have fun experimenting and we wish you a very Happy New Year! xx2015 e

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