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When I was a little girl one of my favourite books was Roald Dahl’s The BFG, but that big eared giant never made it onto my wall of crushes along with Craig David and Leonardo DiCaprio.

A fetish for giants is known as macrophilia and in the majority of cases a macrophile is a heterosexual man who fantasises about a giant woman. Because of the giant woman’s size and strength she has the capabilities of being a brilliant sexual Domme, or Dominatrix… only scarier.


Although macrophilia is an entirely different fetish to BBW fetishism (fat fetishism), there are a few notable similarities. For one, the woman is substantially larger than the man. A macrophile likes his Goddess to be hugely tall, where as a fat fetishist like his Goddess to be big in every way; width, big breasts, fat ass, huge tummy. Being bigger gives her an instant advantage in terms or weight and power, making her the perfect Domme.


Another similarity is that in both macrophilia and BBW fantasy there are certain men who desire to be crushed. Some fat fetishists pay for women to sit on them, walk on them (with bare feet or HEELS) and some guys even enjoy the weight of an obese woman’s enormous belly being smacked down upon him. In a similar way a macrophile enjoys the idea of a giant woman crushing him or trampling him beneath her feet, or other part of her body.


Speaking of feet, foot fetishism and foot worship also tie in nicely with giant fetishism. Because of the vast difference in size the tiny man often finds himself at the foot of the woman, he then may be  trodden on, forced to worship her feet or may need to cling to her stiletto heel as she walks.

That’s one BIG woman!

So how big is a ‘giant’ woman?

Well as this fetish exists almost entirely in fantasy, the woman can be as big as the man imagines her to be – King Kong big, or bigger! Sexual fantasies about giants often involve shrinking, either the man being shrunk to a much smaller, or the woman growing bigger to be the size of a giant. I read on a Giantess fan forum that one man had sexual fantasies about being forced to drink a woman’s breast milk which then shrank him to the size of an infant.


Breasts can play a big part in giant fetishism with some men desiring to be crushed between enormous breasts or sit happily in her cleavage. Any part of a woman’s anatomy which is considered to be sexual can be the focus point for a macrophile. One man may like to be squeezed between her ass cheeks, where as another may like to crawl inside her cave-sized vagina.

Some giant fantasies are a little more realistic however, with some men imagining a woman to be 10 or 12 foot tall. With a woman of this height the man would still be able to have ‘normal sex’ with her, she’d just bigger and more powerful, with every one of her sexy female features enhanced.


Just as some excessively fat women make money from engaging in non-sexual acts with fat fetishists, excessively tall women (taller than 6’2” or 6’3”) can make money from engaging in non-sexual acts with macrophiles. These acts may include domination, wresting, trampling, face-sitting, forced worship, physical or verbal abuse, or something more affectionate and maternal like cuddling. A Dominatrix of impressive stature may choose a pseudonym like Amazon Amy or Amazon Amanda in tribute of her impressive size.

A darker side to this fetish is that some men like the idea of being completely devoured and eaten alive by a giant woman – this is a form of Vorarephilia. Thankfully though this fetish only exists in erotic art work, anime and ‘imagiwanks’, because honestly, a 100ft, stiletto-clad, cannibal woman stomping around London really would be quite terrifying.

See you next week x

2 thoughts on “Fee-fi-fo-fum”

  1. Well theres something i didnt know…the power of the mind is immence in sex…as long as its safe and legal enjoy your fantacys…

  2. While mostly accurate, it’s not always quite as such — sometimes, often, macrophilia is paired with microphilia — the want to be exceptionally small, or the sexual desire for someone who is exceptionally small (Say, two inches). For me, it’s the idea of being able to — quite literally — trust my life in someone else’s hands. To be helpless compared to someone, while still having free will. And it’s not always about giant women, either — giant men would do fine as well. Just the idea of someone huge to love me and keep me safe.

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