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Erotic Massage

It almost seems odd to describe massage as a fetish, as to many massage is just a pleasurable experience which may be enjoyed as a precursor to foreplay, and often massage is performed professionally as a completely desexualised experience. That being said, when something feels so good, it’s hardly surprising that massage could become central to one’s sexual arousal.


The term ‘erotic massage’ is used to describe a message of a sexual nature, usually performed by one’s partner for the purposes of stimulating sexual arousal and awakening feeling of lust and desire.

I love a massage – I wouldn’t say it’s my fetish as often I enjoy a massage in a completely non-sexual context (which is good as my last massage involved me be wrestled by a middle aged, overweight Thai woman with a facial expression which implied she’d be chewing on a wasp.) However, there’s no denying that in the right context, with the right person, receiving a good massage can certainly be erotic.


When I was seventeen I was on a date with a guy who offered to give me a massage, obviously as little more than a ploy to get me semi-naked. Well this guy had his setup fine tuned; lighting, music, temperature, wine… and he knew how to give a massage! That experience was certainly one of the most erotic of my life – and it never even lead to sex (I was too young and shy, much to his disappointment.) But indeed, I’m not stranger to the potential pleasures of experienced hands and a little massage oil.

So what is key to giving the perfect erotic massage?

First you’ll want to set the scene; clear the room of any clutter, dim the lights, or turn them off completely and go for the much sexier option of candles. It might also be nice to put of some relaxing music or music which is chilled yet sexy – Ministry of Sound Chillout albums are great for such an occasion.

Back massage

If you live in the UK you’re probably freezing right now, so your partner is definitely not going to feel an urge to strip off for a massage unless you’ve got the heating on – or better yet, light a roaring fire!

Last minute preparations include putting your bottle of massage oil on the night stand, throwing a towel over your bed so your sheets don’t get covered in oil, pouring two of glasses of wine and finally slipping into something sexy. As soon as your partner sees you in some lacy lingerie or a tight pair of boxers they’ll be turned on before you’ve even had chance to touch them.

Now that your partner is lying on the bed it’s time to work your magic. If you’ve really no idea how to perform a massage you can attend classes which will give you the hands of a professional in just one or two sessions. For now simply try and think of what would make you feel good; you’re rubbing the body, relaxing the muscles, not prodding them with your fingertips or trying to remove a layer of skin.


As you move around your partner’s body, don’t forget the tantalize their erogenous zones; slowly work your hands up their inner thigh to really get them excited, then teasingly take them away again. An unexpected kiss on some part of their body could really send shivers down their spine, and don’t be afraid to get your tongue involved.


If you want to make things even kinkier you could experiment with wax play or ice cubes, or even try some of our delicious edible body paint.

Now I’m sure you’ve all heard of a ‘happy ending’? Something which is fairly commonplace in Southeast Asia – this is where you can transition from erotic massage to intimate foreplay. By this point your partner’s body will be hyper-sensitive to your touch so it won’t be difficult to get them to the point of near orgasm, and your love making will be out of this world!

So if you’re looking for something to spice up your Friday night, why not give your partner a cheeky massage and see where it leads…

Have a pleasurable weekend xx

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