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Erotic Dance

dance2To dance is a very beautiful thing; for so much of our lives we stare at computer screens and television sets, sit on office chairs, sofas, barstools and are constrained to routine and rigidity… dancing however is the ultimate expression of freedom. To dance is to move one’s body to the rhythm of music and completely let go of the outside world; to revel in the human experience – much like the act of making love.

As much as dancing can be spiritual, it is also something which is rather delightful to watch. I’ve said before that men are very visual creatures (not that an adoration of provocative dance applies solely to men), but just as a man likes to admire the shape of a woman; her hips, her breasts, her ass… he also likes to watch the way her body moves.

Ever heard a guy say “I hate to see you leave but I love to watch you walk away”? Men love to gaze upon the female body, so it is no surprise that they likewise enjoy to watch a woman dance erotically. Burlesque clubs, strip joints and gogo bars are popular the world over – even in more conservative countries you’ll still be able to find a belly dancing club if you look hard enough.

I’ve been to my fair share of strip clubs, some good, some bad, some downright terrible, but one experience in particular comes to mind;

dance1I was in the UK with a guy I was dating-ish, and we decided to leave the bar in which we were drinking and head over to a strip club. It was an attractive venue; appropriate lighting, stylish bar, sexy women meandering about in skimpy lingerie. After ordering a few drinks we decided to pay for a couple’s dance, which, if you’ve never had one, will generally involve the dancer paying more attention to the woman, leaving the man to enjoy the show.

She lead us into a private room where we sat on a plum velvet sofa, a little way apart, each with our hands placed flat at our sides (no touching allowed), the dancer then stood before us and began to move. She was a stunning creature; pretty face, thick blonde hair, long legs and large breasts, and damn was she flexible! As she danced she seductively removed her lingerie, then pressed her breasts in my face as she straddled me. Every so often she would lie back on the floor and do the full splits, glass heels in the air for a pussy flash – like I said, flexible. What I do find odd however is the moment when the dance is over – you’re all a fluster with no happy ending. I guess that’s what guys would call “blue balls”.

But how can erotic dance be a fetish?

Well although doing a sexy strip tease for your boyfriend may not be all that uncommon, some Dom(me)s may require that you dance erotically for a viewing audience.

Burlesque Dancer Angie PontaniForced erotic dance could be a part of humiliation, or a display of authority. By dancing in front of an audience you’re submitting to the will of your Dom(me), doing something which may be completely out of your comfort zone, solely for his or her amusement (and for the enjoyment of anyone else who is watching).

Another reason may be that your Dom(me), or partner, is showing you off like a trophy, enjoying the dance in the knowledge that every person in the audience lusts for your flesh. This is both an ego trip, like driving a shiny sports car, as well as confirmation that he, or she, has chosen an attractive ‘mate’.

Oh objectification – all a part of the Dom(me)/ sub fun.

dance4Although you may be envisaging this scenario with a male Dom and female dancer, a female Domme may likewise command her sissy male submissive to dance in front of an audience to humiliate and immaculate him. For such a dance the sissy bitch may be required to wear women’s lingerie or a frilly dress – anything to demean him and demonstrate Femdom.

If erotic dance sounds like something which could turn you on, maybe try getting a couple’s dance in a club to see how it makes you feel, or why not buy your own pair of glass heels and put on a sexy show for your partner?

Have a great weekend x

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