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Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite

Looking up this fetish on Google images made me feel pretty queasy, so if you’re at all squeamish, I suggest you look away now…


Formicophilia describes a sexual interest in being crawled upon or nibbled by bugs or small insects. These insects can include maggots, beetles, ants, worms, ladybirds, snails, spiders and more… Kind of like a challenge on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! Formicophilia is a sub-genre of zoophilia, or bestiality, which describes a sexual interest in non-human animals.


Believe it or not, some people actually WANT to catch head lice, crabs and search online for tips on obtaining bedbugs! I read this on;

“These babies [specially bred pubic crab louses from Japan] are HUGE!!! Well, huge compared to regular lice. And they just live happily in your underwear. It’s so COOL! They grow, and have families.  You can feel em living and crawling around. It’s like having personal Sea monkeys in your pants 😉 Seriously, though, they really are my personal pets that go everywhere with me.  You get attached to them like any pet.”


A guy once told me that it feels incredible to have a house fly walk around the head of your cock… but how did he figure that out? Apparently you sit in a full bathtub with just the head of your cock sticking out of the water. You then place the fly (whose wings you’ve already pulled off) on your bell-end leaving him stranded on your deserted penis island, wandering aimlessly until he meets his demise at the foot of your man-cano.

People can be pretty weird…


I suppose the real question is how do you go about organizing some house fly, bath time fun? Do you fill the bath, get your penis into position and then wait patiently for a fly? Or do you catch a fly when one happens to cross your path and shout “Mum, run the bath!”?

Someone who is a little more of a thrill seeker may ever grab a bee or wasp (by the wings so that it can’t escape) and then hold the insect close to his or her genitals, encouraging it to sting.

sn-honey bee

Physical sensation is the primary reason why a person would sexually enjoy have bug crawl all over their body and genitals. Some people, masochists perhaps, enjoy being bitten by the insects that crawl upon then. A insect bite can vary for a small scratch to a red bump, a modest cut or the insect underneath the person’s skin!


I guess such a sensation isn’t too different from inserting a small rodent into your anal passage…

… Oh, Lemiwinks!

I learnt recently, from a couple of my dark humored friends that cockroach porn is a thing. (Seriously, don’t Google that). In such pornography you’ll see girls with cockroaches all over their breasts, genitals, faces and mouths.


Something not hugely dissimilar from cockroach porn is “genki genki” which is a Japanese porn genre involving girls and sea creatures such an octopus, squid, fish and eels. In such movies the girls will insert tentacles into their sexual orifices, filate tentacles or just be covered in fish and slimy sea limbs.

Formicophilia can be a part of crush fetishism (a fetish that I generally avoid as more often than not it includes kittens). So sadists find sick, sexual gratification when stepping on or crushing bugs. Crushing can be done with a bare foot or heels and can be enjoyed as the crusher or as a voyeur (usually a male watching a female crush bugs).

That’s all for this week, don’t let the bed bugs bite…

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