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Damn You to Hell

Who went through a goth phase at school?

I did. It was horrific.

There’s something alluring though, about the darker side; turning away from all that is good and holy and worshiping a deity that celebrates gluttony, lust and greed.


The Church of Satan is estimated to have around 100,000 members globally. Satanism may not be as popular as other religions such as Christianity (2.2 billion) nor Islam (1.6 billion) but its following is still as large as the entire population of Aruba! Satanism is the belief that Satan is a God or THE God and should be worshiped. Worshipers of the Devil may practice magic, witchcraft or even take part in ceremonial sacrifice.

Stygiophilia is a fetish that describes sexual arousal from being damned to hell. To achieve eternal damnation a person will partake in vulgar sex acts, such as beggary, which the Bible says is sinful. Upon death the pervert will then be cast down from the heavens , destined to spend eternity burning in hell with the other sinners.

devil 3

Although the idea of having dirty, debaucherous sex may sound hot, it’s not the sex that’s the hot part. To a Stygiophile the turn on isn’t sinning, rather it’s the consequences of the sin. A stygiophile wants to burn in hell and feel the prod of Satan’s three pronged pitch fork in his or her backside.

If however it’s the sinful acts themselves that turn you on then you may have a blasphemy fetish. Blasphomy fetishism means to corrupt the pure, holy and innocent. Someone with a fetish such as this may find it hot to fuck in a church, turn a Nun to sin or deflower a virgin. Blasphomy fetishism is about offending God, shocking the religious and showing Grandma the middle finger.


Ultimately whether you’re a stygiophile or have a fetish for blasphemous acts, you’re going to Hell…

Another wing of a fetish for damnation is a sexual attraction to the Devil. What can be more wrong, more sinful and more hot than fucking Beelzebub himself? Satan is illustrated in many forms; in some portraits he has the legs of a goat and horns on his head, in others he is winged like a bat an sometimes he takes the form of a man. Lucifer can be red, black or beige and can be of pretty much any stature from overly muscular to fat or skeletal.

But if you want the D, he is the D.

ghosts3 - Copy

So if you think that committing sinful acts is hot as hell then perhaps a little roll play could be fun…

Turn your bedroom into a hellish dungeon with blackout blinds and sexy red sheets. As for lighting – the more candles the better! As well as creating a warm, fiery ambience, candles are fantastic for wax play. Dripping hot wax on your partner’s body will cause their blood to rush to the surface of the skin, making it extra sensitive. Hot wax can also be pretty painful, perfect for fun and games in the underworld.

devil 4

Hardcore bondage and sadomasochism likewise work perfectly for any who desire damnation. Bed restraints, whips, canes, gags and floggers can turn your bedroom into a living hell.

If you’re more about committing sinful acts than how about some naughty costumes? Dressing up as an innocent school girl or chaste nun will certainly get him hot under the collar…


That’s all for this week,

I hope you’re having a very happy New Year xx

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