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Cheeky April Fool Pranks

Happy April Fools’ Day!

In celebration of this hilarious occasion, here are some cheeky April Fool Pranks to wind up your partner – all with a kinky twist, of course. Remember, April Fools’ Day comes but once a year so be sure to make the most of it as today is the only day that you can wind up your partner without them getting angry!

1, Tell your girlfriend that ever since the day you met her parents you’ve fantasised about her mum and then ask her if, just for tonight, you can call her by her mother’s name.

2, Tell your boyfriend that, as a special naughty treat, your hot friend has agreed to have a threesome with you later tonight – then shout “April Fools” and laugh as his face expresses sheer devastation.

april fool dress as a woman

3, Dress up in your girlfriend’s clothes (ones that won’t stretch for tear) put on a bit of makeup and as she walks into the bedroom, exclaim “I have something to tell you! I’ve always fantasized about being a woman and to be honest, I think I look better in this dress than you do. Tonight, can you call me Margret?”


april fool prank sexy courgette 4, Pick up your biggest dildo (or failing that, a phallic shaped vegetable) and say to your boyfriend “How about we mix things up a bit, honey? I’m going to be on top tonight.”

5, Tell your girlfriend that you’ve texted her best friend about a threesome and she says she’s up for it and then ask “What do you think?”

6, Text your boyfriend saying “I’ve got a really dirty surprise for you when you get home”, then when he charges through the door, direct him to the sink full of dirty dishes.

april fool smell her socks7, Ask your girlfriend if she’s got any dirty socks lying around and tell her that you’d like to smell them later as you masturbate.

8, Hand your boyfriend a pair of your frilliest pink knickers and say “I thought it might be fun if you wear these tonight!”

9, Think of the most boring, frumpy couple you know and then tell your girlfriend that they’ve invited the two of you over for a bit of wife swapping… and then ask her if she’s up for it.april fool trump

10, Tell your boyfriend that all the goings on with the U.S. presidential election is really getting you excited, then ask if he might be up for a little Donald Trump role play (ed. NO thank you).

11, Tell your girlfriend that you watched something on YouTube about a fetish called “Japanese Face Farting” and then ask her if she might like to try it out. (For added affect, hand her a can of baked beans.)

12, Tell your boyfriend that you really want to get wild and kinky tonight and that you’d love to tie him to the bed. When his obliges and is strapped down and unable to move, pick up your handbag and say “I’m off to Asda, I’ll be back in an hour or so…” (But don’t actually go to Asda – that’s just cruel!)

13, Tell your girlfriend that you’ve always fantasied about paying for sex and wondered if you could give her £20 for a quickie… just as a bit of roll play. Then, after sex, ask for the £20 back because you want to order Dominos.

14, Tell your boyfriend that every time you have sex you feel as though you’re defying God’s will and will henceforth be withholding sex until he agrees to marry you. (Hopefully he won’t drop to his knees and propose – that could be awkward!)

Well that’s all for this week. I hope you have fun, whatever you get up to. Have a nice April xx

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