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cheating1For most of us there could be nothing more painful, devastating and heart-breaking than finding out that the person we love has cheated on us… but for some being cheated on is a fetish!

A fetish for cheating is one I’d never really thought about until I had a conversation with a guy who told me that the idea of a cheating girlfriend turned him on. He’d told me a few weeks prior that the type of girl he liked was the ‘sweet and innocent’ type, ideally a virgin, yet for some reason he also liked the idea of this sweet girl being unfaithful. He couldn’t really explain why, all he knew was that he found himself aroused when thinking about his girlfriend going behind his back with another man. This was however juxtaposed with him having trust issues, constantly checking her phone and being paranoid of her fidelity. It’s interesting how fantasy and reality don’t always overlap.

In a sense a fetish for being cheated on is similar to cuckolding, but not entirely the same. A cuckold relationship is one in which the man feels that he does not possesses the masculine qualities or cock size to satisfy his partner. Thusly he finds satisfaction watching her be fucked by other ‘manlier’ men.

Rather than the cheating itself being the fetish, cuckolding is largely about humiliation. As the wife is having sex with a macho man with a huge cock she may say something degrading like “this big cock feels so good, you could never satisfy me with your tiny little member” as the husband sits in the corner jacking off. Often in a cuckold scenario the husband will drink the other man’s cum from his wife’s pussy.

Sometimes in a cuckold relationship there may be no sex and man may not even be permitted to masturbate. This is similar to a slave and Mistress relationship. However, in a relationship where there is a fetish for cheating, or being cheated on, the relationship could be perfectly ‘normal’ with a regular sex life and no crippling insecurities on the man’s part.

cheating3So, how can a cheating partner be in any way appealing?

Well, pain can be pleasurable. Humiliation and emotional pain are certainly types of pain, and pain makes some people feel good. What’s more, you know how hot makeup sex can be? Well imagine you’ve just been hugely betrayed; you feel enraged, sickened, humiliated. You want to scream, cry, hit him/her and claw at your partner as you angrily fuck their brains out. Kinda hot, right?

Slightly easier to understand is the mentality of the person who has a fetish for doing the cheating…

We all know how good it feels to do something wrong and forbidden; eat chocolate when dieting, drink cider on the park when your parents think you’re at study group, or kiss someone hot in a bar when your partner is at home with the kids. No? Well I’m sure most of us agree that cheating in a committed relationship is a much bigger deal than cheating on a diet, but not everyone shares that opinion.

I spoke to a woman who told me how she’d been seeing a man behind her husband’s back. After a few months her husband found out, left her and she was free to be with the new man. The problem was that as soon as the relationship was allowed and no longer taboo she wasn’t interested; “It just wasn’t fun anymore! I liked the sneaking around, the hiding of a secret phone and the constant danger of being caught.” Thusly she left the new guy and begged her husband to take her back.

I suppose the fear of being caught is appealing in a similar way to having sex outdoors and getting caught by the neighbours. Sometimes a rush of adrenaline is what’s needed to keep our sex lives new and exciting – but perhaps not at the expense of someone else’s feelings.

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