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Can Pain Be Pleasurable?

You know how they say “pain can be pleasurable”? Well for some people it REALLY CAN.

Algolagnia, from the Greek for pain and lust, is defined as deriving sexual pleasure from the stimulation of pain. Unlike your standard masochist however, a person with this trait may actually have a different nerve input than the average person. Studies have shown that when pain receptors are stimulated, such a person may experience pain in a more pleasurable way than you do.

bdsm2That’s actually pretty awesome!

Imagine if you were a super hero and algolagnia was your super power. Every time the bad guy hit you, you’d respond like “yes baby, again, harder!”

A study conducted in 1992 by Dolf Zillmann found that one female subject would become aroused and even orgasm when pain was stimulated, even if she was not aroused prior to experiencing pain.

So, in celebration of all of those who find pain ever so pleasurable, let’s take a look at some of the best pain-inducing equipment that every good Dom or Domme should have in their inventory;

Spanking Paddle

A spanking paddle is the perfect toy for if you’re new to pain play. You can use a paddle on any part of the body but it’s perfect for the buttocks. Lightly spank the skin to stimulate blood flow and then enjoy as their skin begins to turn red. As they begin to moan with pleasure, work up to harder and harder spanking.

The Cane

pain1The cane is an excellent device for when you’re getting a little more used to sadomasochistic play. Because of its slender shape and ridged design, all the force of your whipping is delivered onto a very small surface area of the skin which creates an exquisite stinging sensation as well as leaving behind a sexy red line on the skin.

Nipple Clamps

The nipples are a very sensitive erogenous zones which should definitely not be ignored. At Bondara we have plenty of toys and devices that are perfect for stimulating and torturing the nipples. Nipple clamps can be used to create a pinching feeling, or you can add nipple weights to make the sensation more intense. You could also try running a spiked pin-wheel around the breasts and nipples for another exciting sensation.

The Anal Lock

This magnificent device is more than just your average butt plug. As well as stretching open your ass hole for a pleasurably painful sensation, the plug is then locked into place meaning that you’re forced to endure (enjoy) the sensation until your Dom(me) releases you. For even more thrilling anal play, try stretching out your ass with bigger and bigger sex toys.

Electric Sex Toys

When you want things to get really exciting, try using electric sex toys! Electric sex toys, such as those created by Electrostim can provide no end of fun for those who really want to jump out of their skin. Electric sex toys include dildos, anal plugs, nipple clamps, cock rings, scrotal loops, urethral sounding rods and more. These toys provide a moderate electric current to the skin to create a sensation that is somewhat like a vibrating toy but more intense and more painful.

The Humbler

If you’ve been a bad, bad boy and really need to be tortured then perhaps your Dom(me) will bend you over and lock you into the humbler. A humbler is a piece of restraint equipment which looks somewhat like a torture device from medieval times! This tool locks the testicles behind a man’s legs so that he is forced to stay on all-fours. To try and strand upright would stretch the scrotum and be excruciatingly painful.


That’s all for this week! Have a pleasantly painful weekend 😉

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