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Burn Baby, Burn | Pyrophilia


Remember, remember the 5th of November!

So yesterday was Bonfire Night! I explained this British holiday to a Canadian friend and he was horrified; “You burn the good guy?”

Right or wrong, Bonfire Night is a long standing British tradition where we huddle in coats, hats and gloves in front of a roaring bonfire, drink pumpkin soup, “ooh” and “aah” at fireworks and of course throw a Guy on the fire in loving memory of the day that we burnt a man alive.


So, in honour of this glorious holiday I thought I’d make fire our fetish of the week.

A pyromaniac is a person who feels a compulsion to start fires and burn things. Pyromania in a criminal sense is known as arson and is usually committed with the intent of causing destruction or attracting attention. Pyrophilia however is something a little different.

A pyrophile is a person who experiences sexual arousal in the presence of fire (usually destructive fire as opposed to a Christmas log fire). A pyrophile may enjoy watching fires, starting fires or watching the reactions of people when a fire gets out of control. In its very darkest form, pyrophilia can include sexual satisfaction from watching people burn.


Pyrophilia can fall under the broader heading of symphorophilia which describes sexual arousal from an accident or natural disaster, such as a manmade fire or fire from a lightning strike. Someone with a fetish for catastrophes may hide out at the scene of a disaster and observe from afar or approach the scene and take photographs for personal use later.

That may sound horrendous but how many of us kinda wonna see a car crash at a racing event?

You damn sadists.

A person with a fetish for fire may also like to hang around in places associated with fire such as a fire station or even a crematorium! While I don’t much fancy the idea of lingering where dead bodies are burnt, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the notion of frequenting around hunky firemen… which brings us to another aspect of fire fetishism – rescue and heroism.

fire3Some people really want to be rescued, and the danger is a part of the thrill. The whole experience of being in a life threatening situation and then saved by a heroic stranger in uniform can be very exciting and arousing but a dangerous game to play, indeed.

While for some pyrophiles the idea of starting a fire is just a thrilling and exciting fantasy, for others the fantasy must become a reality.

Fire play for the purposes or sexual arousal would be considered edgeplay because of the high risk of injury and death. Some pyrophiles will be satisfied by moving a flame quickly across their flesh before the skin is burnt (perhaps a few hairs will be singed), whereas others may be interested in much more dangerous activities such as setting fire to a building and escaping.


If you really want to hot things up in the bedroom then there are far safer and saner ways to enjoy temperature than to play with fire. Wax play can be plenty of fun; a favourite within fetish and BDSM communities. Dripping hot wax on your partner’s skin, or having them drip hot wax on yours, will result in a burning sensation without any damage or scaring.

For even more fun you can try heated sex toys or toys made from glass, metal or ceramic which can be heated in boiling water.

That’s all for this week, try not to get burnt.

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