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Blasphemy Fetishism

Every day on my way home I walk by two young gentlemen who are stood on the street, in smart shirts and ties, with wide, welcoming smiles, asking passers-by for a moment of their time to talk about the church. These boys know by now that the church is not my scene, but I’m always 1306bgreeted with a blush and a smile and a few friendly words. As I walk away I sometimes wonder, how difficult would it be to turn these nice boys to a world of sex and debauchery?

Sex and religion don’t go hand in hand. In fact, to talk about the two together in one blog post is rather taboo, so I’m probably going to hell, but I know when it comes to pleasing you guys, the naughtier the better, so I’ll take my chances.

When we’re starved, we hunger, it’s in our nature; we want what we can’t have and feel a compulsion to satisfy our cravings and desires. When dieting, there is nothing we want more than a warm, glazed doughnut, and when you’re told not to have sex or watch pornography, what do we instinctively want more than anything else?

Sexual repression in religion is a curious thing; the idea of demonising something so natural, so human and so essential to our very existence. Many religions and cultures attach a sense of shame and sin to sex, even to the naked human body. We’re told we’ll be punished if we have sex before marriage, explore our sexuality or even masturbate! When something is so forbidden, so sacrilegious, it’s no wonder that for some people there is such a thing as blasphemy fetishism.

The idea of corrupting the pure, tasting the forbidden fruit, is why convent role play is such a huge fantasy. Right up there with naughty school girl, medical role play, sex with the boss and police interrogation is the fantasy of taking a Nun as she kneels for prayer in her convent. There is something so pure, untouched and virginal about a Nun; her innocence, her devotion, the knowledge that she’s never experienced the pleasures of the flesh.

elizabeth-hurley-bedazzledPurity and sin have often been juxtaposed against one another, just look at the classic British party theme ‘Tarts and Vicars’. As featured in the film ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’, attendees of a Tarts and Vicars costume party are invited to dress in either something small and sexy, or a traditional Vicar’s cassock and dog collar. We sell dog collars at Bondara of course, but none which are suitable for the church! What you chose to wear at one of these parties is free from any gender role stereotypes, so it’s not uncommon to see a hairy legged man in a tight latex mini skirt.

Of course isn’t not just the holy and the divine which can be a part of sex fantasies, Satanism and dark rituals can also be a huge turn on for some people. As a part of Satanic fetishism, players may engage in hardcore BDSM, Satanic ceremonies or rituals, and even activities which involve blood and pain. Consensual obviously! Ceremonies may also include making a mockery of items sacred to other religions such as the crucifix and other symbols.

Ultimately, whether you like your blasphemy fetishism with or without Satan, your indulgence of the flesh is sure to see you in the confession booth sooner or later!

Have a very naughty weekend!

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