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Bimbo Fetish

It can be pretty frustrating for a woman when she’s the whole package; intelligent, attractive, witty, driven, sophisticated, caring and interesting, only to be completely blown off for a brainless bimbo!

Really though ladies, if he’s walking past you to talk to the superficial airhead at the end of the bar then he’s probably not worth having anyway…

So, why do some guys go for “dumb blondes” when they could enjoy stimulating conversation with witty and intelligent woman?

Well, there are a few reasons…

bimbo1Firstly, bimbos are far less intimidating. If a guy isn’t worried about impressing a girl with his intellect then he can approach her with a greater degree of confidence and win her over with charm and a smile. Also, a man is far less likely to feel emasculated with an unintelligent woman; an insecure man needs to be the “better” partner in the relationship – he needs to be the smartest, the richest and the most successful. He may feel inferior if he were to date a neurosurgeon.

bimbo2Another reason that men like to date bimbos is that they needn’t take the relationship seriously. If a man doesn’t value his partner as an intellectual equal then he can behave selfishly. Some men also find these ditzy dolls to be easier to control and manipulate. (I told you these guys aren’t worth dating!)

Lastly, bimbos tend to be more attractive, or at least style themselves in a way that is sexier than the norm.  Men are visual creatures and can sometimes be shallow. If a sexy girl walks by in a mini skirt and a tube top, most guys will turn their heads. (That’s not to say that smart girls can’t dress promiscuously also – dress however you like! Girl power.)

Aesthetics play a large part in bimbo fetishism. Bimbos are stereotypically thought of as having big hair (often platinum blonde), excessively large breasts (often fake), with big, glossy lips, slim bodies, high heels, long, manicured nails and fully made up faces. This hyper-sexual aesthetic, often seen in porno movies, makes men think of SEX.

bimboficationOften with bimbo fetishism it is the transformation from “normal girl” to bimbo that excites men. This process may be called “bimbofication”. For the most part the transformation is superficial; she’ll bleach her hair, buy revealing clothes, pay for silicone breast implants, lip injections, bigger silicone breast implants, more lip injections, more breast implants… until she looks like a Barbie sex doll. Some guys will fund the bimbofication process to help create the perfect Barbie girlfriend.

bimbo6Changing one’s physical appearance doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll be a bimbo – you can have fake boobs and a brain! That’s why one blonde chick took bimbofication to the next level by having hypnotherapy to become less intelligent!

It’s not difficult to find erotic fiction online describing girls that become brainless bimbos and submissive sex toys. In these stories they’ll drink a “bimbo potion” or be hypnotized and then completely obedient to their master.

When a girl is (or acts) completely brainless she is effectively a human sex toy. She may then be perceived as an object for a man’s sexual pleasure.

evolution-of-the-bimboThankfully there is no such thing as a “bimbo pill” and I doubt very much that intelligence-reducing hypnotherapy does anything at all. To roll-play being a naïve, giggly and submissive girl is okay once in a while but you should never aspire to be an airhead! Intelligence is sexy 😉

See you next week.

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