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Big Boobs!

Five Fun Fetishes for Lovers of Big Boobs

So little over a year ago I wrote a blog for those of you who love BIG TITS! Now we’re revisiting the topic of glorious globes once again so that I can share with you five fun fetishes for lovers of big boobs


One of the reasons that we love gargantuan breasts so much is that they’re visually appealing. Men especially are thought to be more aroused by physical features then women are – they like curves; big hips, big ass and big bust. Boobs look great in sexy lingerie, bikinis, low cut tops… (seriously, we can’t help but look!) So if you go crazy at the sight of enormous bazookas, try logging onto a live webcam site where you can see plenty of hot girls showing off their fantastic breasts and if you’re lucky you may see a baby oil show!


Breast slapping

Let’s be honest girls, who doesn’t like it when things get a little rough in the bedroom? I mean, even if you’re more of a love maker than a hard fucker, rough sex is fun every once in a while 😉

Tit slapping can be a great addition to hair pulling, face slapping, erotic choking and rough sex.


tits1Nipple clamps/ weights

Of course the most sexual and sensual part of a woman’s chest is her nipples! The chest and in particular the nipples are an erogenous zone so paying plenty of attention to them during foreplay could really determine whether your partner is aroused and ready for sex, or not. (Some women simply can’t cum without nipple stimulation and others can actually achieve orgasm through nipple stimulation alone!) A great way to add some hot nipple ‘torture’ into your bedroom play is to use nipple clamps. There’s a fine line between pain and pleasure and nipple clamps are a perfect mixture of the two; the exciting feeling of pinched nipples with the pain that comes along with it (and the longer you leave them on, the more it hurts).

Top tip – if you’re yet to purchase nipple clamps but are eager to try this out tonight, use clothes pegs! They provide a lot of pressure (pain) and are thus ideal for Dom(me)/sub role-play.


Rope bondage

If you’re into bondage and BDSM then you probably like to play with rope every now and again. Rope bondage can be thrilling, sexy and in some cases like a beautiful work of art. A perfect example of the beauty of rope bondage being the rope dress which can be crafted in many styles to create a submissive and enticing look. But, have you ever seen breast bondage? Honestly I think it looks painful. The breasts turn red due to the trapped blood and almost look like the rope will sever them from the body… but even if you’re not a huge fan of the aesthetics of chest bondage, the physical sensation and mental aspect can be hugely arousing and a very sexual experience. For tips on how to correctly bind your partner’s breasts there are plenty of step-by-step guides on Google that can teach you everything you need to know for some titty bondage fun.


tit wankTit wank

And lastly, the tit wank! If you have a fantastically large bosom then any red-blooded male would be thrilled to slip his hard cock between those breasts and fuck them! For a time I thought this act was simply one which looked good on camera and thus was often featured in porno movies but wasn’t overly popular in real life… but that simply isn’t the case! Men really do like it. However, lubrication is ESSENTIAL. Unlike your pussy, your chest isn’t going to become naturally moist (well, maybe if you’ve just finished a 60 minute run your sweat will suffice) but otherwise a little bit of KY Jelly or baby oil can be the difference between uncomfortable friction and immensely pleasurable titty fucking.


That’s all for this week.

And girls, don’t be disheartened if you don’t have huge boobs! Any member of the “itty bitty titty committee” can enjoy the first 3 fetishes on this list and breasts really do look beautiful in all shapes and sizes! But if you want your breasts to look especially delicious, check out Bondara’s very kinky range of lingerie which will leave your partner SPEECHLESS.


See you next week xxx

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