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Big and Brawny Bodybuilders

How is everyone’s January going? Still sticking to those New Year’s resolutions of eating clean, training hard and getting swole?

Well, if you’re a bodybuilder bro still hitting the gym hard and lifting heavy then here’s some motivation for you to keep up the good work. Not only will bodybuilding make you feel like a big, brawny boss every time you flex in front of your bathroom mirror, you can also get all kinds of attention for your gains.


Last year I wrote a Fetish Friday blog post about female boybuilders and the guys who like to be dominated and wrestled by big, strong women. Well now I think it’s about time that we put the muscle man in the spotlight and honoured all of his hard work!

Sthenolagnia basically means muscle worship. This behaviour describes an appreciation for the the look or feel of muscles, sometimes in a sexual way. A person may enjoy massaging muscles or rubbing oil into them, as well as watching a person’s muscles move during flexing or exercise.

Some bodybuilders make a decent amount of money online doing just that; turning on their webcams, flexing their muscles and performing baby oil shows for a captive, tipping audience. Such shows can also progress to sexual acts for even bigger tips.


It’s not just muscle worshipers that idolise gargantous pecs and bulging biceps, we imagine all of our superheroes to look that way too; Superman, Batman, Hercules, The Hulk… Even our real life heroes, such as fire-fighters are thought to be very muscular when in fact the reality is often quite different.

So why do we imagine our heroes to be so muscular? Well it’s the function of the muscles; having large muscles makes a person strong and therefore powerful.

Cratolagnia describes an interest in the use and function of muscles. So, where sthenolagnia may describe a fascination with aesthetic bodybuilding, cratolagnia could describe a liking for wresting or strong man contests.


In a sexual context, an interest in muscle purpose may indicate a desire to be dominated by a bigger, stronger person. Such a fetish is very popular where a heterosexual man is attracted to a female bodybuilder.

As well as big, bulging muscles, people like to see a big dick hanging between those epic quads (or sometimes even a big clit on a female bodybuilder). The problem is though that a man’s penis often looks smaller and small the more muscular he gets, i.e., the more stacked a guy is the smaller his dick looks by comparison to his body (made worse is some cases by steroid use).


… but don’t worry guys, if you’re getting big and your pecker’s looking pewny, we sell cock pumps 😉

Muscle fetishism often ties in with other fetishes like feet. Videos of bodybuilders working out barefoot are very popular online. What’s more, spandex and tight clothing are popular subgenres of muscle fetish as the clinging fabric accentuates the muscles.

Ultimately though if you’re a heterosexual guy who’s hitting up the gym in the hope of finding a woman to worship you like a Greek God then you might find yourself disappointed. The world of muscle fetishism seems to be dominated by men; either straight men looking for big women or gay men looking for big men.

At the end of the day though fellas, so long as you can pick her up and fuck her against the wall she’s going to be happy.

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