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Bald is Beautiful

I’ve written before about a fetish for hair, long hair and body hair, today we’re talking about a fetish for no hair. That’s right, the beautiful baldies.


There are certainly plenty of big screen stars that ladies swoon over; Bruce Willis, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, the Mitchel brothers and of course, Voldemort. Oddly though there doesn’t seem to be a word for bald fetishism, nor could I find much information online about this particular penchant.


There is however a pretty hilarious BuzzFeed article which compares the man bun to the bald head. Here are a few golden quotes;

“If beautiful men grew out their hair how would we be able to see every inch of their perfectly sculpted skull?”

“Showering is just so simple for them. Baldies will be out of that shower before you can say ‘have my babies.’”

And my personal favourite;

“Does a man bun twinkle in the light like an oyster’s polished pearl?”


One trigger for scalp appreciation can be a daddy complex. Many of us have bald fathers (self-included) as by the time we’re teenagers male pattern baldness has worked its magic on the generation above. A girl who wants to feel like daddy’s little princess and prefers older men may go for a hairless guy as he, consciously or subconsciously, reminds her of her father… or Santa. Everybody loves Santa.


Although there isn’t a lot of information online about a fetish for bald men, there are many of sites showcasing bald women or women having their heads shaved.

Plenty of men and women like the look of a woman with short, boyish and some even prefer a woman with a head that’s partly or fully shaven. A very short hairstyle says something about a woman’s personality; she’s confident, dominant and doesn’t want be viewed as feminine (though of course that’s not always the case). Short hair is also popular amounts lesbian women which plenty of chicks find attractive.


For some bald fetishist it’s the process of a head being shaven that is more arousing than the shaven head itself. In this niche porn genre you can see girls having her heads shaven, interspersed with sex acts when just a few patches of hair remain, then final a cleanly shaving scalp, upon which the guy may blow his load.

Even more extreme is “non-consensual” head shaving in which a woman is stripped of her hair by force. Having one’s head shaven, consensually or non-consensual, is a very extreme act. It takes an entire lifetime for a woman to grow long hair. Shaving a girl’s head will completely change her appearance and she, to some extent, will be stripped of her identity. In one case in the UK an angry ex-boyfriend cut off this girlfriend’s ponytail and he was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm.


In excessively brutal BDSM you can see women having their heads shaven as they’re tied up and “forced” into sex or submission. A Dom(me) may write “Shaven Slut”, “Bald Bitch” of “Shaven Sex Toy” on her scalp.

Game of Thrones flashback; “Shame. Shame. Shame…”

Of course in some cultures shaving one’s head is practised as a part of ritual cleansing. Buddhist monks, for example, shave their heads to show their commitment to the Holy Life… Buddhist nuns also. Though no one’s really sure what Britney was thinking.


Well that’s all for this week. Remember, you don’t need hair to be hot so go out and bag yourself a baldy!

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