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Aquaphilia, from the Latin “water lover” describes sexual arousal from water or being submerged therein. This fetish, also known as hydrophilia and albutophilia, has many different facets and can be enjoyed in a number of ways.

Some water lovers like to see people in water and to watch them swim, whereas for other aquaphiles the attraction of water is more sensory; the feel of a shower may be stimulating or the sound of rain appealing. Watching a stream make its way downhill could also be a very pleasing experience.

Antiohilia describes sexual arousal from floods which can be linked to disaster fetishism (symphorophilia). Some people find storms extremely arousing and can experience a sudden urge to have sex or masturbate at the sound of thunder or the sight of lightening.

water2Water fetishism also has its links to water sports, or “pee play”. The term “water sports” covers pretty much any sexual act that involves urination; peeing on someone, being peed on, being made to hold pee (bladder torture) or being made to pee one’s panties (humiliation). Bladder torture works especially well with water fetishism as the sub may before forced to drink a lot of water or to listen to a running tap.

Aquaphilia can also have a rather dark part to play in BDSM hypoxyphilia. Hypoxyphilia is autoerotic asphyxiation with water, i.e., rather than restricting breath with choking, breath is restricted by water submersion (drowning).

water3Waterboarding really is as extreme as it gets in terms of BDSM and breath-play. Waterboarding is to simulate drowning by placing a cloth over someone’s face and then submerging their head in water. This technique is used as a method of torture or extreme interrogation but some masochists actually get a sexual kick out of it. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

Okay, let’s turn things down a notch and discuss sexual acts that have lower fatality rate…

Bidetonis is the use of water spray from a bidet for genital stimulation for a woman during masturbation. Sure, not everyone has a bidet, but have you ever turned the shower head upside down? That can work as a great, free sex toy!

water5If you’d prefer to get wet and wild with a partner then you could always have sex in the shower or bath (coitobalnism)… but just how safe is it to have sex in water?

Firstly, to have sex in a place of natural water such a lake, river or the sea isn’t especially hygienic. Doing so can mean that any number of different bacteria or even very small creatures can be forced into the vagina and cause an infection. What’s more, filling your vagina with salt water will really upset its natural PH levels.

water4What about in the bath or shower? Well, having fun in clean water at home is definitely preferable but even then, after a couple of minutes sex may become somewhat uncomfortable. The water that’s thrust into your vagina will rid your body of its natural lubrication which means there will be a lot of friction and thus sex could be painful.

But that’s not to say you should completely avoid having sex in water! Sex in the sea really is one for the bucket list and what could be more erotic than a steamy night in a hot tub or Jacuzzi with a few glasses of champagne?

When it comes to sex I’m a big advocate of trying anything once (within reason). Having sex in water may or may not be for you… whatever floats your boat 😉

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