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Addicted To Cam Sex

Adult webcam sites have become increasingly popular over the years with many online pleasure-seekers opting to watch “real people” play live, rather than watching professionals act out a scripted scene. But with so much choice it can be easy to become addicted to cam sex.

addicted to cam sex

Sites such as Chaturbate and MyFreeCams feature hundreds of performers as well as thousands of viewers at any given time, with cash tips being offered for strip shows along with private chat rooms offering plenty of tailored filth.

So what is it that’s so enticing about webcam sites?

Well, as I already mentioned, these actors and actresses are “real people” stripping off in their own homes which makes the experience feel a whole lot more authentic. Jacking off the real “girl next door” is a whole lot more appealing than rubbing one out to a thirty eight year old “school girl” being spanked over a desk by a spray-tanned and steroid-pumped headmaster.

What’s more, as shows are real time they’re interactive which means that you the viewer can make specific requests (which, far too often, is “shoe on head”).

addicted to cam sex

Not only can you influence how the actress behaves with tips in a public room (such as X amount of tokens for bum flash or X amount of tokens for shirt off), you can also take a performer into private chat for a very personalized and naughty experience.

Webcams are so much more personal than regular internet pornography that sometimes viewers and performers get to know one another on a deeper level and even become online friends. Often cam girls will allow their favourite customers to become chatroom admins, which is kind of like an online security guard status whereby the admin can kick trolls and ban unwelcome guests.

However, there is a dark side to frequent webcam viewing – sometimes viewers become obsessed with specific performers, watch them for hours on end and spend endless sums of money in the performer’s room. The customer will follow the performer on all social media and develop obsessive behaviours – kind of like how the rest of the world behaves around the Kardashians.

Regularly watching a girl on webcam can, to some extent, fill the physical and emotional void of not having a real relationship.

Online there are plenty of forums in which men discuss their cam site addiction and their obsession with actresses, as well as shedding light on the hundreds or thousands of dollars that their addiction has cost them.

However, there are plenty of positive traits that cam sites possess, such as the ability to cater to very niche fetishes. When watching generic porn you’re limited to certain predetermined categories, whereas when you’re in a one-to-one session with a cam girl (or guy) you can request something a lot more specific. Then, so long as your request is not too weird, the online performer can make your kinky dreams come true.

A lot of people log on to cam sites to satisfy their desire to be dominated. Many women online earn a living from adult webcams without even taking their clothes off. They simply abuse, humiliate and degrade men over the internet. Acts of belittlement and humiliation can include forced cross dressing or stripping, being made to write abusing words or statements on one’s face or body, being made to urinate on one’s self or one’s one property or acts of CBT (cock and ball torture) or orgasm denial.

Really, whatever you’re looking for late at night when home alone and horny as hell can be satisfied by the right person on an adult webcam site… just be sure not to get too carried away or you’ll be penniless in no time!

That’s all for this week xx

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