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Happy Friday everyone!

I’ve just returned from a month’s travelling in Vietnam, and something which became very apparent as I moved from hostel to hostel was that your spoken accent can be quite a big deal.

Sure, everyone has a preference for one accent over another to a certain extent, but from some there may be one accent in particular that really gets them going.

I’m pretty sure that I have a fetish for the Southern Irish accent (but doesn’t every girl who’s watched P.S. I Love You). Then again, I must have a thing for the Scottish accent also, as I can’t help but go weak at the knees every time I listen to Biffy Clyro!Accents - img 1

There are certainly accents from around the world which are known to be more appealing than others, such as the Spanish, Italian and French accents. I know many women who, on their summer holidays, can’t help but be wooed by men with such a romantic native tongue.

Luckily for us, it seems the British accent is pretty popular as well, especially when it comes to chatting up Americans. The British accent is so varied however that a person with a fetish for our linguistics will usually have a preference for one regional accent over another. The most popular of them all is of course the ‘Queen’s English’; queue Hugh Grant, Tara Palmer-Tompkinson, Colin Firth, Kate Winslet and Jude Law.

By sheer coincidence a friend of mine popped up on Facebook chat this morning and said; “Charlotte, I have a new Bondara fetish blog for you; the Geordie accent, specifically on Cheryl Cole.” Indeed, Miss Cole has done wonders for the Geordie accent and not just amongst us Brits but internationally also.

Having a fetish for a certain accent can mean that you find a person more attractive, even if they’re not necessarily ‘your type’. That guy sitting in the corner of the coffee shop may not have caught your eye when you walked in, but as soon as he answered his phone and started speaking in a ridiculously sexy Irish accent, you were instantly attracted.

So just how much fun can you have with accent fetishism?

Well firstly dating becomes so much more exciting as every word they utter in conversation is a huge turn on. So as well as eye contact, body language and a few too many glasses of wine, the way your date rolls their ‘r’s could really get your pulse racing.

“Talk dirty to me!”

Of course a sexy accent is so much more than just initial attraction and flirty conversation; you can take your fetish into the bedroom and really have a good time. Anything you like to have whispered in your ear, or hear screamed aloud will sound so much more erotic when uttered in your favourite accent; “I want to taste you”, “you feel so good”, “oh baby don’t stop”, “you’re a better lover than your dad”… no wait, forget that last one.

Accents - img 3

So how can you find a lover with the accent of your dreams?

Book a holiday! If nothing get’s you hotter than an authoritative German accent, why not fly over to Munich and have a little fun?

If you’d rather stay on home soil you can always browse the web in search of the tongue of your dreams. Browsing online dating sites is definitely a quicker and more efficient method of finding your perfect lover than strolling around your local town trying to eavesdrop on the conversations of strangers.

Still not your thing? Why not just watch a bit of international porn? Sure we may all sound similar when we moan with pleasure, but you might actually enjoy the cheesy storyline a little more when spoken in your favourite accent.

Have a great weekend xx

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