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Like a Virgin



  1. a person who has never had sexual intercourse.
  2. a person who is naive, innocent, or inexperienced.


  1. being, relating to, or appropriate for a virgin; “his virgin bride”.
  2. not yet touched, used, or exploited.


A desire for a virgin bride was common place little more than 100 years ago. In fact, in many parts of the world, and in most, if not all, major religions, sex before marriage is considered to be a terrible sin.

Being an untouched, unspoiled body on the day you take your wedding vows is of tantamount importance in many cultures and societies. I have personally known girls who, prior to wedding their betrothed have paid to have their hymens surgically reattached after a few wild years at university.

Honestly, if you’re in a nightclub toilet in the UK you could very realistically hear; “no, no, no, fuck me in the ass! I’ve just had my hymen reattached.” Who said romance was dead?

But is there anything sexually arousing about deflowering a virgin pussy, or is an un-popped cherry nothing more than a part of religious custom?


Well for some, taking the virginity of another is a huge turn on. A fetish for virgins, or the taking of another person’s virginity, is known as parthenophilia. Although this term may not be one you’ve heard before, a sexual desire for virgins is actually a pretty common fetish.

I was speaking to a guy with a very apparent virgin fetish just a couple of weeks ago. He described to me how he has a tendency to seek out young-looking, seemingly innocent girls whom are plausibly virgins. He then gently grooms them with a friendly, ‘nice guy’ routine, but as soon as he hears mention of an ex boyfriend he loses interest. He only desires these girls when he believes that they are virgins.

What’s worse still is that when he finally does find an unspoiled virgin girl and is able to charm her into bed, he loses interest after sex even though it was he who took her virginity!


So what is it about virgins that make them so desirable?

Some people see claimed virginities and trophies; “I’ve popped 9 cherries this year.” I once heard a guy boast “I’m the proud owner of three anal virginities”, following which I couldn’t help but picture three butts mounted on his wall above the fireplace, next to his hunting rifles and brandy glasses.

In a more sexual context, some people get off at the thought of a virgin’s innocence and the fact that he or she is completely naïve and pure. Every touch is new to them; you’re able to guide them as they blush and tremble – you become their sexual mentor.

Some people see the taking of a person’s virginity as a great expression of trust and affection; the virgin is giving all of themselves to you. A sweet and innocent virgin will also appeal to a person with a strong dominant side; a Dom(me) would take much satisfaction in completely defiling a pure, virtuous body.

Virgin fetishism is also fairly commonplace in Japan. Ever read Memoirs of a Geisha? One of the main characters saves the blood from the hymens he breaks in a vile labelled with the name of the girl he fucked. I’m not sure how true to life the facts of the book are, but speaking of blood, parthenophilia can have its links to blood fetishism and sexual vampirism. In vampire fiction the female lead is almost always a young, innocent virgin, making her a more desirable snack.

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