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8 MORE Naughty Ideas For Your Summer Vacation

Last summer I wrote a blog post entitled “8 Naughty Ideas For Your Summer Vacation” which included skinny dipping, being the perfect submissive, sex on the beach, joining the mile high club, having a threesome, erotic shaving, ice play and living out your roll play fantasy. This year we’re getting excited about summer again with another 8 kinky ideas for those sunny months – all fetish related, of course.

So without further ado, here are 8 fun and freaky ideas to hot up your summer;


Inflatophilia includes all fetishes to do with inflation such as inflatable rubber suits, inflatable objects, inflatable sex toys and balloons (loonerism). This summer an inflatophile could have plenty of fun in the sun with a beach ball or even get wild with a lilo in the pool!


Domestic servitude

This year, make the most of your submissive during those hot summer months and have them waiting to serve at your beckon call; fetching ice drinks, erecting the umbrella, fanning you, massaging your feet and dropping grapes into your mouth.

Serving as furniture

Take domestic servitude to the next level by having your submissive serve as furniture! Instruct that he/she/it kneels beside your sun lounger so that you may place your drink upon its back. Alternatively you could use your submissive as a comfortable seat as you enjoy a Pina Colada in the warm summer breeze.

Voyeurism and exhibitionism

Summer is the perfect time of year for exhibitionists to show off and for voyeurs to enjoy the view. If you love the idea of strangers peering at your naughty bits then take a proud stroll along a nudist beach. Alternatively, if you enjoy lusting after the flesh of beautiful people in public then you’re sure to find a banquet of bodies at any park, beach or in any pub garden.

Footsie fun!


Summer is also the ideal season for lovers of toes as, rather than being hidden away in boots, trainers and shoes, feet are beautifully exposed in sandals and flip-flops. Ladies, this summer excite your partner by dressing up your feet with a cute pedicure, an ankle bracelet and toe rings. That way your feet will look beautiful and sexy in the park, the city or at the beach.


An Aquaphile is a person who finds is sexually arousing to watch people swimming, to see people posing in water or to watch or partake in sexual acts under water. This summer why not hot things up at the beach or by the pool by having sex underwater? Just be sure that you’re discreet about it – you don’t want to be banished from your hotel!


Muscle fetishism

Ever hear the expression “sun’s out, guns out”? Well the summer time is the perfect season for showing of that sculpted, Adonis physique that you’ve been working on all year. At the beach any lover of muscles can enjoy the ripped abs and bulging biceps of burly men as well as the toned booties and glimmering thighs of gorgeous fit chicks. If a beautiful beast catches your eye, why not offer to rub some lotion on their back? 😉


Make a dirty movie

The sun is shining, the wine is flowing and your figure has never looked better. Why not make the most of this steamy season by filming your own naughty movie? Sure you could opt to play it safe by filming something in your bedroom, but risking a cheeky outdoor romp will be way more exciting! What’s more, at least if you’re caught having sex on the beach in Spain you’ll never see that appalled bystander again. Just try not to get arrested!

That’s all for this week, I hope you have many exciting activities and get-away’s planned this summer and let’s all cross our fingers for some British sunshine! x

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