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12 Days of Kinkery

Merry Christmas!


We all know the song “12 Days of Christmas” but honestly, who needs two turtle doves and seven swans-a-swimming in 2016?

Okay, we can keep the eight maids-a-milking 😉

So this year for the 12 days of Christmas (which run from Christmas day until 6th January, in case you didn’t know) why not try something new and kinky in the bedroom?

And this list really does go from naught to NAUGHTY…

One shoulder massage


I’m breaking you in gently 😉 Trying giving your partner a deep and soothing shoulder massage to relax them at the end of a long day. Bonus points for performing said massage scantily by the fire or in a hot and steamy bath.

Two sexy strip teases


Show off your gorgeous body by giving your partner a sultry strip tease. Ladies, this is the perfect opportunity to don your laciest lingerie or to dress up in your Sexy Santa dress. Fellas, just a festive hat will do… and maybe some big black boots 😉

Three over knee spanks


So terribly British; what would the festive season be without some playful spanking? Perfect for stimulating the skin and building arousal, spanking is the perfect gift – and it’s completely free! Maybe mix in some sitting on Santa’s knee roll play to make it even naughtier.

Four oily foot rubs


If you don’t have a foot fetish I recommend you get one because foot rubs are awesome! The feet are a very sensitive erogenous zone so rubbing, massaging and even licking can feel really nice. Try something new in 2016 and incorporate foot play into your sex life.

Five pearl necklaces!


Instead of “FIVE GOLD RINGS”, how about five pearl necklaces? That sweet spot between a woman’s lips and breasts is the perfect place to finish a great blow job. However, you don’t want to wear these pearls to Christmas dinner!

Six drops of hot wax


If you haven’t tried temperature play yet then you absolutely should! Foreplay with candle wax or ice cubes is exciting and tantalising. Dripping hot wax onto your partner’s body can be a very sexy part of BDSM play and brings all the blood to the surface making the skin more sensitive.

Seven sex positions


Today, let’s test your creativity… and flexibility! Try having sex in seven different positions. Sometimes we allow our sex lives to become too predictable. We know what positions feel the best so we develop a routine and stick to it. Today, try something different – you may discover a new favourite.

OKAY, now let’s stop with the counting! Nobody wants to do anything 8 or more times!

(8) Nipple torture


The nipples are often neglected during sexual play so tonight let’s give them some TLC. “Nipple torture” may sound scary but it’s actually pretty fun. Try attaching clamps to your partner’s nipples as you tease them down below. The pairing of pain with pleasure will be an orgasmic combination.

(9) Let’s try squirting!12days_sex_positions

You may be of the belief that you can’t squirt and that female ejaculation can only be achieved by a few talented ladies. Wrong! Actually, every woman can squirt if the proper technique is applied. Tonight make it your mission to find the right spot and drench your bed sheets. Squirting is as simple as vigorous stimulation of the g-spot in a hooking and pulling motion and then (the woman) pushing at the right moment. You’ll be amazed when you get it right!

(10) Anal training


For nine nights we’ve neglected your ass so tonight we’re giving it our full attention. Anal training will teach your ass to take bigger and bigger toys for more pleasure. Stretching can be achieved with fingers or an anal training kit which will include butt plugs of varying sizes. Gradually work your way from one toy to another until your ass hole is beautifully gaping.

(11) Restraint and sadomasochism


We’re approaching the end of our 12 days of Christmas so things are really getting kinky! Tonight we’re getting stuck into BDSM for sex so good it’ll leave your skin stinging! If one of you is naturally more dominate and the other more submissive then this will work perfectly, if not then just have fun with exploring your sexuality. Restrain the submissive and then experiment with spanking, whipping, gagging, hair pulling and face slapping until they’re aching for your body on theirs.

(12) Festive fisting


Lastly, fisting! We ended last year’s Christmas poem with a “Merry Fistmas to all” so let’s do the same this year. Fisting is really not for the faint hearted, especially if the fister has big hands! The two vital ingredients here, much like with anal training, are patience and lube. Begin with one finger, then two and three and then “the goose” (four fingers). Finally, when she’s ready, curl your fingers into your palm for a merry Christmas fist!

Happy holidays from everyone at Bondara x

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