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How to write a sex toy review

If you’re here, chances are you’ve seen our frankly awesome competition to not only become our Official Lelo Expert but also win a year’s supply of toys from Lelo! 

Sounds good, right? But how do you go about writing a sex toy review? Especially if you’ve never attempted one before. This post will include a few hints and tips and some handy links to get you started.

So what do we look for in a good sex toy review?

  • Clear, well-written text with correct spelling and grammar. Proof reading is a must. 
  • Detail– the whole point of a sex toy review is to help other customers make an informed decision about whether they’ll like a toy. If you liked it, tell us why. If you didn’t like it, describe what could be better. This not only helps other customers but it helps our Buyers bring in better products in the future.
  • Concise– a good sex toy review doesn’t have to be pages and pages long. Keep it simple. Tell us the pros and cons and about your experience of the product. Don’t be afraid to tell us exactly what you thought.
  • Honesty– even if you absolutely loved a product try to find at least one thing you wish was better. Maybe you can think of some reasons that other people might not like it? Try and be as helpful as possible; you’re writing the review for other customers who may rely on guidance from others.
  • Try not to be too explicit! We want to know what you thought but try to avoid swearing or incredibly graphic descriptions. You’re not writing a sex scene!

Why not check out veteran Sex Toy Reviewer Hey Epiphora’s Beginners Guide to Sex Toy Reviewing and Blogging. Seriously, it’s brilliant and covers this waaaaay better!

Plus Kyra’s Toybox also covers the basics of a good sex toy review. Many thanks to these two fantastic bloggers.




One thought on “How to write a sex toy review”

  1. my husband bought me a LELO IRIS as a gift…

    it is great,feels fantastic and is superb to use, and quick and easy to clean,

    some of it’s best features are;- silent and versatile so you can use it anywhere, anytime and only your moans of pleasure will give you away.

    it comes with it’s own pouch so it can go with you even on your naughty weekends away.

    another great thing is no more batteries or wires, to interefere as you enjoy yourself, as it is rechargable.
    10 out of 10

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