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Different Types of Lubricants & When to Use Them

lubeWhether you’re using it for sex or masturbation, lubricant is an absolute essential in the bedroom of any sexually active person but do you know what lubricant is best for different activities? In this article we will talk you through the different styles of lubricants, their uses and help you find the perfect match for your next encounter (or solo session)

Water based

Let’s start with the most common lubricant; water based. Water based lubricant is, you guessed it, made from a water soluble base so it is easy to clean up afterwards and wont stain materials such as clothes or bedding. Water based lube is safe to use with all condoms and toys unlike silicone lubricants, which makes it ideal for any situation.

Water based lubricants come in a variety of thicknesses from the extra slick Gun Oil H2O lubricant designed for vaginal sex and use with toys to the Anal Gel Lubricant that is thicker than normal water based lubricants as it is designed for use with anal sex, where you need a thicker cushion lubricant to aid in penetration. The only downsides to water based lubricants are they are not as silky feeling as silicone and don’t last as long as silicone, which can put people off using them as they may have to reapply during longer periods of intercourse but water based lubricants are often recommended by doctors, as it is the most body friendly lubricant.

Bondara’s recommendations:

Bondara Luxury Lubricant: A simple, high quality water based lubricant that is kind to skin; our own-brand Bondara Lubricant is the perfect accompaniment to sex or masturbation and compatible with all sex toys.

Liquid Silk: A great natural feeling lubricant that is organic and also a powerful moisturizer, which will help keep you moisturized down below.

Bondara Anal Relax Lubricant: Special formulated for anal play, it has an all-natural numbing agent that helps ease any discomfort during anal sex and can also aid in prolonging penetration as it also slightly numbs the penis.


If you’re looking for a silkier longer lasting lubricant than we would recommend silicone based lubricants. Because it is not water based, it won’t get reabsorbed by the skin so it does not need to be reapplied. Silicone lube is safe to use during vaginal or anal sex, with or without a condom but be careful when using silicone lubricant with silicone toys as the two can react, causing damage to your toy. If in any doubt, use water based lube to ensure the long life of your toy. Silicone lubricant should not be swallowed and is waterproof so can be a little tricky to get out of clothes or bedding without putting them through the washing machine. However, because it’s waterproof silicone lube is the perfect addition to bath or shower sex. It’s a common misconception that just because your skin feels slippery and wet under water that you won’t need lube; in fact the opposite is often true as your natural oils and juices are washed away. Silicone lube helps everything stay deliciously slick without having to constantly reapply.

Bondara recommendations:

Pjur Original Bodyglide:  This long lasting concentrated silicone lubricant is safe for use with condoms and latex and boasts a luxurious silicone texture that’s loved by customers and reviewers.

Platinum Male Extra Thick Lubricant: This is a thicker moisturizer style lube which is perfect for anal play.


Hybrid lubes are a mix of water based and silicone based lubricants to provide a super lube. Hybrid lubes are great as they provide the longevity and silky feeling of silicone with the easy clean up capabilities of water based lubes.

Bondara recommendation:

ID Silk Hybrid Lubricant: A revolutionary blend of water and silicone based lubricants that’s kind to skin, safe for use with toys and condoms and incredibly long lasting.


These types of lubricants contain a special agent that causes a reaction with the skin when applied. Sensation lubricants are normally water based lubricants so are safe to use with condoms and sex toys but will generally dry out more quickly than other types of lube. Tingling, cooling or warming effects are all popular with this type of lube- our advice when trying out a sensation lube for the first time is to use a little bit as the sensations can feel very different from person to person. You can always apply more!

Bondara’s recommendations:

ID Sensation Warming Lubricant: This is a warming lubricant that starts to create a warm sensation once it comes into contact with the skin providing increased excitement during sex, foreplay and masturbation.

Durex Play Tingle Lubricant: Mint tasting lubricant that also provides an amazing tingle sensation to any area of the body that it is applied too.


These lubricants do exactly what they say on the tin (or should we say tube). Flavoured lubricants are water based lubricants with flavour added to make them perfect for use during oral sex. Or why not apply to your partner’s body to be licked off during foreplay- don’t forget flavoured lubes are also safe for vaginal or anal sex. Flavoured lubes are fat free and sugar free but do contain Glycerine so if you are prone to yeast infections or are allergic to Glycerine you should avoid using flavoured lubricant.

Take it from us, flavoured lubricants taste AMAZING so here are our tasty suggestions:

ID Juicy Strawberry & Kiwi Lube: Doesn’t count as one of your 5-a-day but tastes like it should!

ID Frutopia Banana Lube: There is some sort of banana/penis joke but we are not going to go there… (Frutopia lubes are currently 2 for £14)

2 in 1

These are water based lubricants that are designed for use during foreplay, vaginal intercourse and use with sex toys but are also amazing when used as a massage lotion which makes it perfect to use during an erotic massage where your hands may wander to more interesting places.

Bondara’s recommendation:

Durex Play Massage 2in1 Sensual Lubricant: Containing the seductive fragrance of Ylang Ylang to provide arousing effects.

Durex Play Massage 2in1 Stimulating Lubricant: Heighten your senses with this stimulating 2in1 lube that contains extracts of guarana to bring a new level of pleasure.


Lastly we have oil based lubricants; these lubricants shouldn’t be used by women as the oil can trap yeast and bacteria that affect the delicate pH balance of the female genitals. Plus oil based lubes can break down the fine rubbers in condoms so definitely should be avoided for vaginal or anal sex. However, oil based lubricants are perfect for male masturbation as they won’t cause irritation to the penis and add a deliciously slick dimension to solo play. Don’t forget that oil based lube can also react with silicone or TPE sex toys so it’s best to save the oil for manual masturbation sessions.

Bondara’s Recommendation:

ID Him – Male Masturbation Cream: Bring a new element of luxury to your next solo session with this ID masturbation cream.


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