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100th Fetish Friday- Pervert Quiz and Prize giveaway!

Hello everyone,

I’m really excited to be writing this week’s blog as this is our 100th Fetish Friday post!


Who would have thought that I was perverted enough to write about sexual fetish for ONE HUNDRED weeks without running out of ideas? Well apparently I am that perverted – hoorah!

Really though it is you, the kinky population of this world who I have to thank for reaching this milestone. Without all of your dirty minds and unique sexual tastes this blog really could not exist.

So, how are we going to celebrate our 100th post? With a KINKY QUIZ and an exciting PRIZE GIVEAWAY of course! Jump Straight To The Giveaway

Yes, for our 100th blog post we’re not only treating to you to a fun pervert quiz but giving you the chance to win a Fetish Friday 100th Birthday Bundle worth over £150!


Sound good? Okay, fantastic.

All you need to take this quiz is a pen and paper (to note down a letter for each answer) and a good sense of humour!

Okay, let’s go…


QUIZ: What Kind of Pervert Are You?




1, Wearing which of the following would turn you on the most?

[F] A straightjacket.

[A] Some kind of uniform or professional attire which represents authority.

[C] Designer briefs/ sexy lingerie.

[B] A g-string, nipple clamps and “BITCH” collar.

[D] Something revealing (in public).

[E] Wellington boots filled with custard.



2, In which of these sexy settings would you most like to get it on?

[C] A big bed with silk sheets in a luxury hotel.

[F] A room filled with balloons.

[B] A playroom with a cage – only your master/mistress has the key.

[E] A bathtub of baked beans.

[A] The boardroom at the head quarters of your multi-million dollar company.

[D] A dirty alleyway behind a nightclub.



3, Which of these items would you most like to add to your sexual play?

[E] Six cream cakes and a paddling pool.

[A] Rope, a flogger and a butt plug for your partner/sub.

[C] A bottle of massage oil and a silk blindfold.

[D] A trench coat and a picnic blanket.

[F] A sounding rod, your ex’s dirty underwear and a vile of virgin’s tears.

[B] Nothing. You are not worthy of gifts or possessions.



4, Which of these scenarios appeals to you the most?

[D] You are sitting in a park early one evening and notice that no one is around. You grab your partner and have them right then and there on the picnic bench.

[A] You are the school’s head teacher. A ‘student’ is sent to your office for wearing inappropriate uniform. It is your job to discipline them.

[C] You are playing Xbox on the sofa with your partner; a friendly game turns into play fighting and before long clothes start coming off…

[E] You are in the garden after a storm having sex in the mud, rubbing dirt over one another’s bodies.

[F] You are in a furry club dressed as a soft giraffe when suddenly a sexy wolf begins to grind on you.

[B] You are chained up in a dungeon. Your captor enters the room with a ball gag, whip, lube and large dildo.



5,  Which of these scenarios appeals to you the most?

[B] As a punishment for not doing your homework, teacher canes your bare behind over the hard wooden desk.

[C] You are sharing in a hot romantic bath. Your partner washes your hair, massages your shoulders then reaches between your legs…

[A] After humiliating your ‘colleague’ in a meeting, you invite them into your office and instruct them to give you oral sex underneath the desk.

[E] You are having a shower together when your partner drops to their knees and begs you to pee on them (or vice versa if you prefer).

[F] You are alone in a room with three hyper-realistic, highly advanced sex robots. You are free to do with them anything that your perverted mind desires.

[D] You are in the middle of the dance floor. Your partner slips a hand into your underwear. A couple of people notice what’s going but you moan with pleasure anyway.


Question6 - Copy

6, Which of these scenarios appeals to you the most?

[F] You are in an ‘adult nursery’ wearing booties and a frilly bonnet. Nurse enters the room, takes off your nappy and talcs your bottom.

[D] It’s 11pm and you are parked at a dogging site. There are 5 other cars parked nearby. You switch on the internal light and put on a naughty show for their viewing pleasure.

[C] You’ve got the house to yourselves so decide to get a little adventurous. You pull out your copy of the Kama Sutra and have fun finding out just how many positions you can manage in one evening.

[A] The church is emptying after your Sunday sermon, but someone remains seated on one of the pews. As soon as the two of you are alone that person stands and approaches you, confesses to have sinned and begs to be punished.

[E] You are both in the kitchen. On the table there is jelly, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, custard and cream. It’s your turn to throw first.

[B] You’re walking down a crowded street with your partner (you’re both dressed normally), but rather than holding hands your partner is holding the leash which is attached to your collar, showing the world that you are owned property.



7, Lastly, dirty talk. Which of the following would make you tremble with excitement when whispered in your ear?

[E] “I’ve just bought a fresh can of whipped cream, which nipple should I decorate first?”

[D] “I think the neighbours can see – fuck me harder!”

[A] “I’m shy, please be gentle.”

[C] “Your body is so sexy. You’re the only one I want.”

[B] “I’m going to whip you six times. When I’m finished, say ‘thank you’.”

[F] “Once I’d administered the enema, I want you to hold it for eight minutes, okay?”




image004 - CopyMostly ‘A’s – DOMINANT

You’re inclined to be dominant in bed and like to take control. Whether you’re a little bit of a Christian Grey or a sadistic Dominatrix, you take pleasure in delivering punishment and corrupting innocent minds.






submissiveMostly ‘B’s – SUBMISSIVE

You like being tied up and told what to do and sometimes you like to be punished. You know better than most that pain can be pleasurable, so where better to explore your inner masochist than in the bedroom with a dominant partner?





mainstream - CopyMostly ‘C’s – MAINSTREAM

You’re Mr./ Ms. Mainstream. You like sex to be clean and pain-free, and what’s wrong with that? You don’t need a cattle prod and a gimp mask to have a good time so why complicate things? Sometimes sex is best when it’s just the two of you in a big bed having orgasm after orgasm… and a nice cuddle afterwards of course.





outdoorsMostly ‘D’s – OUTDOOR EXPLORER

You’re either a bit of an exhibitionist or you enjoy the risk of being caught, either way, you feel that sex is more fun when your venture outside. Why have sex in the house every night when you can head outdoors and mix things up a little? The woods, a parking lot, the neighbour’s back garden… anywhere that’s new and risky makes sex all that more exciting.





Sploshing - CopyMostly ‘E’s – WET AND MESSY

You like your sexual play to be wet and messy. Whether that’s sploshing with cream and gravy in the kitchen or enjoying a nice, hot golden shower; sex is a lot more fun when you don’t play by the rules. We say, cover your furniture in plastic, clear out the desserts isle of Asda and make as much mess as you possibly can!





deviantMostly ‘F’s – UTTER DEVIANT

This is the strange and obscure fetish answer, so unless you’re into straightjackets, balloons, sounding, furries, sex robots, infantilism and enemas, you’re probably a bit of a joker. However, if it was brutal honesty that brought you here then YOU ARE MY HERO.


I hope you enjoyed that little quiz and I’d love to find out what kind of pervert you are! But we’re not done with the birthday celebrations. To thank you all for coming back each week to Fetish Friday we’re offering an amazing prize to one lucky reader. In this amazing bundle you’ll be getting a Black Mr Realist Suction Dildo, a set of our popular Underbed Restraints for a little light bondage, a bottle of our Bondara Luxury Waterbased Lubricant to keep you feeling good, set of Roll Play Erotic Story Dice to get your creative juices flowing, a Little Chroma Vibrator in Ruby Red worth £85 and if that wasn’t enough, you’ll get a £20 Bondara Voucher to spend on whatever arouses your interest! This tantalising prize bundle is worth over £150 and full of goodies that will appeal to your filthy fantasies!


To enter, just use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter up to 4 times per person (giving you a greater chance of winning!) and please remember this competition is only open to UK residents, but we still want to hear your quiz results nevertheless!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good luck!

38 thoughts on “100th Fetish Friday- Pervert Quiz and Prize giveaway!”

  1. As I got mostly C’s maybe I need this to stop me being Miss Mainstream and send me to the naughty side!

  2. Wow,Wow,Wow. What a fantastic give away and some amazing prizes! Who ever wins this is going to be one lucky person and they’re going to have an amazing time!

  3. I got mainly A’s with a couple of C’s. If I win I can bring that up to straight A’s!
    Well, maybe not quite straight… 😉

  4. I got mostly Cs – my partner and I could do with some kinky items… things have gone a little limp after 5 years, our sex life could do with a little moistening 😀

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