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Win £100 with our Orgasm Survey!

Gift-Voucher-Product-100Take part in our quick and easy Orgasm Survey and be entered into a draw to win a £100 Bondara Gift Voucher!


Thank you for all who took part in this survey. It is now closed.The winner will be contacted shortly and the results released here soon! 



Terms and Conditions:
– Only one entry per person.
– The prize is one £100 Gift Voucher to spend at No alternative prize will be offered.
– You must complete all the questions above for your entry to count.
– Once we have received 1000 entries we will close the survey and a winner will be chosen at random. Please keep an eye on our Twitter account for updates as to how close we’re getting!
– Bondara will contact the winner via email. If we do not receive a response from the chosen winner within 72 hours we reserve the right to redraw another winner.
– The Gift Voucher has no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash.

45 thoughts on “Win £100 with our Orgasm Survey!”

  1. great survey, now I am going to get the other half to do it and see if I am living in the real world or is it just a fantasy. lol

  2. even though I don’t deal with Bondara anymore, I think its very important to let your partner know what does and doesn’t turn you on and what toys you like to use to achieve the ultimate orgasm every time you have sex

      1. Pleasure…. You are the best. I will remain loyal to you for ever…Great products, great service, great results for me and wifey….. We both love it……..

  3. Great sex us not just for youngsters. After 35yrs marriage I am finally
    Discovering what I’ve been missing. Wow wow wow

  4. Spent so much on this site be nice to get a little back. That said ill only spend it on more toys lol 😉

  5. Honestly! We’ve had more pleasure from the everything we have ever brought from Bandara then ANY of the so call “top” names, you all know who u means 🙂 lots of love and open minded ness and above trust in the bedroom, it will take you to places you never thought you’d be, 🙂

  6. i really enjoyed doing that … im ok with talking about it all … me and a few of my friends always bounce ideas off each other i guess we have all helped each other in the bedroom in some way or another if me and sarah find something that feels gd why not share info with others

    but if i do win i will probs spend it on some furniture for myn and sarahs new home we will be moving into in the next month or so finally out of the parents house whoop … we have spread our wings in other ways cough… thought we best do it with our home too 😀

          1. 😀 we will be able to get some of the things we wanted that we had no where to set up where we living right now …. lets just say i think i have an idea for the spare room upstairs tehe

  7. Enjoyed doing that I like your toys and underwear really turns my man on especially the crotchless ones so if I won he would be a happy bunny and when he happy bunny god im a happier bunny wink wink we love trying new thing out so if we won we buy loads toys

  8. i think this questionnaire is mainly for women as a man just needs a girl thats relaxed and confident in herself to have an orgasm and a girl needs hours of foreplay and massage and playing as a dry hole is an impotent hole! 🙂

  9. There’s a lot of stuff out there, but my partners not comfortable using anything, but me, which is ok, but I wanted her to try a few different things, still working on her slowly, Ads.

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