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Tell us about your sexual fantasies!

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Whether you spend most of the day dreaming about a sexual encounter (guilty!) or you only indulge in a fantasy once in a while- we want to know what gets your motor running!

Every entry will be put in a hat to win a £100 Bondara Gift voucher. Enjoy.

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Terms and Conditions:

– Only one entry per person.
– The prize is one £100 Gift Voucher to spend at No alternative prize will be offered.
– You must complete all the questions above for your entry to count.
– Once we have received 1000 entries we will close the survey and a winner will be chosen at random. Please keep an eye on our Twitter account for updates as to how close we’re getting!
– Bondara will contact the winner via email. If we do not receive a response from the chosen winner within 72 hours we reserve the right to redraw another winner.
– The Gift Voucher has no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash.

27 thoughts on “Tell us about your sexual fantasies!”

  1. I love sex, being sexy, talking dirty, giving pleasure (and receiving). The more risky and inappropriate the more wet and horny I get!

  2. I want to watch my wife cover her self in my seemen whilst someone elses wife licks her dish clean!! whilest i play with her 9″ vibrator in the other wife vagiana whilst penatrating her bum hole.

  3. My fantasy is to have my partner hold me up against a wall and then carry me to the bed/sofa and roughly turn me around, pull my hair and scratch all down my back while f**king me hard up the ass !! Makes me wet just thinking about it 😉

  4. I can’t wait for my wife to come back from the gym; I’m going to subdue her, ball-gag her, clamp her to our bed face down, spank her pussy and bum and ass-bang her till she squirts and when she squirts it’s like a geyser erupting. Fantasy into reality is best every time!

  5. For the last 3 weeks i dream that im having sex with my partner and it’s so sexal that i wake up and i’ve had an orgasm in my sleep………
    When i speak to my partner he talks dirty to me and i play with myself until he’s turned me on so much that i orgasm again……..
    He is away at the moment and when we do meet up once aweek we find a quiet spot and i have to turn him on and make him cum……
    I never used to be like this and we hardly had sex, i was lucky if i would have it twice aweek….
    I’m now wanted sex 3 or 4 times a day or maybe more………
    I’m sure why this is happening now, why didn’t this happen right at the start of our relationship????

  6. My wife agreeing to go dogging with me, or to a swingers club, then getting carried away and letting anyone and everyone have sex with her, whilst having multiple orgasms.

  7. Recently recieved the party in my pants as a gift to my wife hahaha gift well you know what I mean she wore them for me and we went out for the evening to a club with friends but had to leave early as she turned into a frenzied tiger sooooooo much fun 🙂

  8. I’ve got a hard on reading these comments… Such a shame I’m single at the moment. I’m having very vivid fantasies at the moment ranging from intructing my sub to masturbate whilst I’m driving us somewhere or role playing a spy interrogation scene with her (both as the interrogator and the interrogated), to being tied up and spread eagle and having my balls massaged/pulled, prostate massaged with a hard wet blowjob and getting pegged. Yeah… My mind seems in overdrive at the moment and keeps switching between top/bottom. I won’t get into the geeky superhero fantasy scenarios.

  9. We love to share our fantasies particularly while having sex. We have lived out a few of them which was amazing. Our favourite at the moment is to have a bi sexual foursome. My wife gets so wet and I am so hard and we f**k for ages.

  10. I have played almost all of my fantasies out and are saved in my ‘wank bank’ I play with myself most nights all I need is my high speed vibrator and my vivid imagination, but there is nothing I’d love more is my been attacked, tied up and bent over and done really hard over and over again with dildos and men 🙂

  11. my fantasy is for my partner to use toys/vibrators on me whilst i am tied to the bed, unable to stop him =]
    I am one of these unfortunate folks who dont feel comfortable masturbating, but love the feeling of a vibe, so partner doing the deed? well yes please!!!

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