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SexFit | One Year On

This time last year we launched our concept for SexFit, the world’s first couple’s sexual fitness tracker. We knew then that sex tech was on the horizon and predicted that sexual technology would soon be common place in homes and bedrooms around the world.


The SexFit was based on a fitness tracking concept that would monitor and log your sexual activity and provide some great data about your performance, stamina, rhythm and more. And yes, it also included some fun social features so you could show off your prowess online!

When we first revealed our SexFit model, the response was varied. Reactions ranged from puzzled and bewildered to excited and curious, in fact we received many applications for product testers who wanted to be the first to say they experienced the high-tech thrills of this gadget! Now the idea of technology in the bedroom is settling in and our research team is coming up with more and more ideas for future projects in this area.


This whole process got us so excited about the future of sex toys that we are now exploring the fascinating world of virtual sex! The typical futuristic vision of sex toys usually includes virtual reality headsets and responsive sex toys that provide a full and immersive sexual experience, but as it turns out, this vision will be a reality a lot sooner than expected.

We at Bondara are now proud to say that we are the first UK retailers to stock the tactile and responsive Kirroo Couple’s Set which includes an Interactive Masturbator for him and an Interactive G-Spot Vibrator for her.  Also, virtual reality headsets that offer 360 degree responsive motion are also hitting our shelves for your viewing pleasure! Soon you will be able to enjoy sex with your partner whilst you are both thousands of miles away from each other.


The future of sex toys and the fascinating world of sex tech is growing everyday and constantly coming up with innovative and exciting new concepts that will expand the kinky world as we know it. We at Bondara are excited to be delving into this new frontier and we would love to take you with us on this adventure into the future.

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2 thoughts on “SexFit | One Year On”

  1. so are you not going to (mass) produce the SexFit? It is/was very intriguing and much better styled than the “Lovely”. I haven’t been able to find any new (2016-2017) updates on the SexFit product since 2014/2015. The ‘Pink Fitness + vibe’ product is not a great substitute….

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