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Scheduling Sex – And The Sex Toys To Go With It

Rampant Man

Imagine scheduling sex. Doesn’t that sound droll? Well, with our busy and exhausting lives there may come a time when you have to schedule sex, otherwise you won’t have it. Never leave your partner dissatisfied with your sex lives or that person may look elsewhere, especially if neither of you have had sex in several months. How could you get it go like that for so long?

There are remedies for this sort of thing. You need to spice up your sex life. Don’t do the same old thing all the time. And use a day planner. Planning sex sounds so clinical! It might sound like the worst thing on earth since you say you like spontaneity and variety. Just don’t get to the point where the act of having sex itself becomes variety.

Mix things up a bit. Try different locations in your house. Do you have a hot tub? Use it! If different locations aren’t an option, try different positions. There are many to choose from: cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, back door, doggie style, side-to-side, and many more. Those names don’t sound familiar? Google them! Just mix things up a bit to kick-start your sex life.

Another hot suggestion is to use sex toys. The blokes reading this just gave a collective groan because they may feel they’ve been replaced by sex toys, especially the very popular rabbit vibrators. A sex toy is only a tool. It’s much better to have a partner make love to you – including when that partner also uses a sex toy. If you fear you won’t last or it takes her a long time to come, have you considered using penis extensions? They give you a few extra inches as well as staying power. Some of them act as penis enlargers. For the blokes who envy the rabbit vibrator, you may enjoy using rampant man. This penis extender is made of soft TPR (the bullet is made of PVC) and it acts like a rabbit vibrator – but you wear it. The rampant man converts your cock into a sex machine no woman will be able to resist. She’ll toss aside her rabbit in favor of you! The intense vibrations will arouse both of you. The rabbit’s ears tickle her clit whilst the textured shaft provides internal stimulation. You get 10 delicious vibration modes. So schedule your next sex date, get out your rampant man, and enjoy the best sex in ages!

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