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Medieval Torture Games – Glow In The Dark Speculum

Glow In The Dark Pussy Opener

Let’s continue our Medieval torture games with a little more delicious fun. Now that I have you strapped to the rack for my pleasure – and yours – let’s inspect your other end. I’ve already used those tongue forceps on your tongue, nipples, and scrotum (if you’re a bloke). Now that I have a woman on my rack it’s time for a more exotic device. As if tongue forceps aren’t exotic enough.

Spread those legs! Let me use the rack to spread your legs until you feel them strain in their sockets. There. Now I can see what I’d been looking forward to since I strapped you in – your pussy. You left yourself unshaven for me since I like a woman with a bush. Keep the landing strips for the airport and the Brazilian waxes for Rio. I’m a relic who likes hair on her woman.

What bit of bondage gear am I going to pull out? Electrosex dildos? A vaginal douche? Oh, the possibilities! I’m still playing Evil Doctor so I’m pulling out the medical fetish toys once again. I also have turned the lights off. Being in the dark makes the fear and anticipation even more exciting for both of us. This time I’m pulling out a speculum, but it’s not any ordinary speculum. No, this one is a glow in the dark pussy opener. I’ve already held it under light for a short period of time so it glows an eerie greenish-white. That’s all you see in the dark as I slowly come at you with this speculum in my hand.

I also come armed with a bottle of scented lube. Strawberries. Mmmm. Tasty, too. I slather this speculum with lube so that it slides in easier and that’s exactly what it does. Do you like the feel of this plastic pussy opener? Four inches of it slide inside you and you feel every one of those inches. The pussy opener is 7 inches long total, just long enough for it to fit comfortably in my hand. I slowly open the speculum and peer inside you. Oh, what I could do to you with your pussy stretched wide open for me! I could squirt water into you. Inspect you with a vibrator. Tease your clit with a bullet vibe. Suck you off whilst I move a dildo in and out of you. Oh, the possibilities! And the glow from the speculum lights my way! You writhe beneath me, under my total control, me with my hand up your pussy holding a glow in the dark pussy opener and you moaning with pleasure.

What happens next is up to you. Are you game?

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