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Important Affiliate Information


If you follow our Twitter feed (@Bondara) or are an existing affiliate of ours through Paid On Results you will likely know that our Paid On Results account was suspended (and will be cancelled) due to action from a rival retailer.

Said retailer has an agreement with Paid On Results whereby certain other adult retailers are not allowed to set up an affiliate programme. Unfortunately we weren’t informed of this situation at the time of set-up and our account should never have been authorised to begin with. We’ve been informed that our account has been suspended and will soon be removed entirely from Paid On Results.

All commission due to our affiliates from the Paid On Results programme will be paid in full but we are unable to say how long your affiliate links and our account will remain open for.

Please stay tuned for more information soon.

Please do not attempt to join our Paid On Results programme as although we’ve been informed that this link may be active for a little while, the programme itself is not and we will not be able to approve any new affiliates. 

If you require more information please contact us on [email protected]

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