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It’s Not All Tits and Sass- diary of a CamGirl by Katie Evers

Or… What Camgirls really get up to on cam

We’d like to welcome a brand new guest writer to the Bondara blog; Katie Evers who will be sharing with us some of her first-hand insights into the world of being a professional cam girl. 

So….in her own words:

Bu2YizoIgAARpqD“I’m 24 years old, from London, girl-next-door and all-around kinkster! I have been a webcam model since 2011, catering to all your naughty needs. Within a few short months I had gotten the bug for all things kinky and fetishistic and started producing my own solo movies and fetish clips as well as branching out into independent Skype and FaceTime cam shows. I now run two websites, multiple clip stores, guest blog on other popular websites, make custom fantasy ideas come true via video.. and somewhere in there I try to have a life too! Some of my favourite fetish areas are Giantess, Foot Fetish, and Sensual Domination.


When you think about camgirls you probably envision young hotties showing off tits and ass to strangers on the internet right? Well I did, until 3 years on the other side of the cam taught me that couldn’t be further from the truth in some cases.


In reality cam models come in all shapes and ages, and from different backgrounds, and what they get up to on webcam is often surprising.


My first show was a revelation. I’d been out the day before and purchased a boatload of hot lingerie and naughty sex toys, and tentatively turned on my cam prepared for a night of steamy debauchery. So imagine my surprise when the first customer requested to see not my boobs, but my feet!!


Off came the sexy shoes and stockings, and I spent the next hour holding my feet up to the cam, tickling them, and finally covering them in messy cream. And that was just the start of it… By the end of the night I had worn my panties on my head, watched a guy ejaculate into his own mouth, and discovered that men can get turned on by literally ANYTHING!


To say my assumptions have been blown out of the water would be an understatement. So now, when someone asks me what I love the most about my job, I say the variety – I never know what I’ll see next!


One of the things I love the most about my job is that it doesn’t just consist of one thing day in day out. I run my own website, produce fetish videos, roleplay as a Giantess, model professionally, and do phone sex. My days consist of filming wonderfully bizarre things on my new HD camcorder, learning more about web design and video editing, uploading clips to my stores, promoting myself on social networking sites, having pictures taken of me, taking pictures of others…. Oh and, actually webcamming for paying customers!


I don’t think I COULD do anything else now, it would be just too much of a comedown. I love the variety (did I mention that already?), and being my own boss. I get to make all the decisions and am totally in control of where my business goes. It is a wonderful, powerful feeling to get up every morning and think “What shall we work on today?” J


The downside of course (isn’t there always one of those?) is that my income is not consistent. One month I may be rolling in it and the next it’s peanuts, literally. You have to really be very focused and determined to get where you want to go, and to keep on doing so despite the bad months.


My customers are the best though. I can always count on them to lift my spirits if I’m having a bad day or week – requests like “open tits BB” never fail to send me into fits of laughter. I really have NO CLUE what some of these guys are on about. Then there are the sweet messages when I haven’t been on cam for a couple of days, telling me how much they miss and can’t stop thinking about me. And of course the lovely compliments about every aspect of my body, voice, and personality. The wonderful thing about being a cam girl is that she can be WHOEVER she wants to be, and people will love her. There is room for all shapes, sizes, ages, and persuasions.


Well I must be off now. I have to film myself growing into a huge, towering mega giantess that’s about to crush a puny city!


See you soon!




Katie xx