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Best Penis Enlargement Guide

Whether you dream of a larger penis for sex or solo play, short term gratification or long term results: there's a way to achieve it. While most methods work by increasing blood flow to the shaft, there are alternative approaches to gain the length you desire. As each method has its own pros and cons, it can be hard to know which is best suited for you. Some men prefer less invasive methods such as extension sleeves while others prefer the longer-lasting effects of pumps. To ensure you purchase your enlarger with confidence, our guide is here to take you through the most popular methods.

Enlargement Creams

Non-invasive enlargement creams are popular for their affordability and user-friendliness. Apply the cream to your shaft to encourage blood flow and enjoy your larger, harder erection - it couldn't be easier! This method is perfect if you want an inexpensive and temporary result. For more noticeable growth, many combine the cream with a penis pump.

Enlargement Pills

Generally, penis pills work by expanding and enhancing the two chambers at the top of your penis; widening blood vessels to accommodate an increased blood flow. Other pills may work by encouraging testosterone production. Nearly always, these pills are made using natural, herbal ingredients (but please contact our customer service team if you are unsure). Often requiring an extended period of regular use, enlargement pills won't give you an immediate result. However, some users have also reported more intense orgasms and increased stamina, so perhaps they're worth the wait!

Extension Sleeves

For an instant boost, penis extension sleeves are a type of cock sleeve that can increase both length and girth. The most temporary of enlargement methods, extension sleeves aren't for everyone. However, their affordability and immediate results have made them a popular means of penis enlargement. Sleeves are incredibly user-friendly: simply apply some lube (water-based if the sleeve is silicone) and fit onto your erect penis. You'll be spoilt for choice with all the realistic, plain and ribbed styles on offer.

Penis Stretchers

Scientifically proven to work, penis stretchers deliver results by using a traction system. The easiest way to explain how they work is to compare them to exercise: when you lift a heavy weight, your muscle tears. This causes the tissue to rebuild, grow and become larger - your penis works in the same way. Stretching isn't the most comfortable method but the results can be impressive if you commit to regular, extended use.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps, favoured for their fast results and ease of use, are probably the most common form of enlargement. As well as promising a larger penis, pumps can be used as a pill-free solution to erectile dysfunction. While designs vary, the general concept of how to use a pump remains the same. Place the airtight cylinder over your penis, leaving the scrotum out unless the pump specifies otherwise. This vacuum increases blood flow, forcing the penile tissue to expand. Use the hand pump to control the suction but take it slowly and make sure you remain comfortable - while it may be an unusual sensation, it shouldn't hurt. Results are temporary at first but can become permanent with regular use (although it is recommended that you don't use your pump for any longer than 20 minutes at a time). For more information on pumps, have a read through our penis pump guide.

Bathmate Pumps

The bestselling Bathmate is the only penis pump on the market to use the power of hydraulics. While you're in the bath or shower, use the British-made pump to gain a thicker and longer erection. Promising effective and lasting enlargement, Bathmate gives more visible changes than a normal penis pump would. However, this is reflected in the price and is therefore a more expensive option. While most enlargement methods are only noticeable on an erect penis, the Bathmate also produces a larger flaccid penis, making it a popular choice amongst those wanting a more permanent growth.


If you have any more questions regarding penis enlargement, our customer care team are more than happy to help. Contact us on 01799 399111 or email [email protected]


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