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Ball Stretching Guide

Ready to get the lowdown on ball stretching? The phrase "grow a pair" has never been so literal with this popular form of CBT (Cock and Ball Torture) - but this is less torture and more heavy, pendulous pleasure. Perhaps it's a temporary stretch that's tempting you or maybe you want to catch sight of your swinging balls day after day. Whatever it is you're craving, our Ball Stretching Guide has your back...or should that be ‘balls'?


Why Stretch Your Balls?

"Ouch! Why would anyone want to stretch their balls?" is a common reaction to this powerful play. Our response - why wouldn't you? Feel your masculinity surge as you take in your hanging testicles and make ball envy a thing of the past. During sex, appreciate the weighty drag on your scrotum and a swing and pull sensation no sex toy can match.


With your new stretch comes enhanced sensitivity as every kiss, touch and suck ripples through your body. As your semen works harder to get past your stretcher and travel the extra distance, you'll experience a longer climax and impressively powerful ejaculation.

In a nutshell, that's why ball stretching is so popular.


How to Ball Stretch

Warm Up: Take a nice, long soak in the bath and submerge your balls. Get them ready by gently stretching the skin. Then, use your thumb and index finger to form a circle around the top of your scrotum. Gradually pull down to make sure every part of is stretched - a little ball-sack yoga, if you will.


The Stretch: Apply a generous amount of lube and start off light. Don't expect to wear a heavy stretcher for hours on end on your first try. Aim for 10-20 minutes (shorter if you feel uncomfortable) and give yourself - and your balls - time to get used to the sensation.

For some men, ball stretching is a lifestyle. They wear weights for most of the day and aim to get a more permanent stretch. Even when you reach your goal length, continue to wear your stretchers every now and then to maintain your hard work.


Practice Safe Stretch

The golden rule of stretching is to stop immediately if you feel any discomfort or pain: be gentle with yourself! A gradual build-up of weights will help your testicles to adjust. By going too heavy too quickly, you can cause serious harm to your scrotum. Your ring should always fit properly; if it's too tight, you run the risk of preventing healthy blood supply and circulation to your balls. Use a high-quality lubricant to avoid chafing and, when you're done, apply a rich moisturiser to soothe the skin.



Types of Ball Stretchers

It's important you get the stretcher that's perfect for you. Here's a breakdown of the main styles of ball stretchers on offer...


Stainless Steel: Available in a variety of weights, these can often be stacked for a personalised sensation and work well for extended wear.

Leather: Choose from lightweight or weighted leather stretchers. Due to the material, they are prone to absorbing sweat and lube and are therefore more comfortable for short-term wear. If you're after a dominating look, leather will fit the bill.

Giraffe: These lightweight, corset-style stretchers vary in height rather than weight. Giving you more of a stretch than a drag, they are perfect for beginners.

Parachute: With rings for you to attach weights to, this type of stretcher is perfect for delivering a customised experience. Due to their design, they cannot be worn underneath clothing.

You may also want to consider which types of fastening you prefer. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, so choose wisely!

Poppers: Used on leather stretchers, poppers are adjustable and easy to use. However, they are not the most secure and run the risk of becoming undone.

Magnetic: Strong and simple, there's no fumbling around with magnetic rings. Found on some stainless steel designs, be careful to protect any loose skin - you definitely don't want to catch anything in these!

Screws and Allen Keys: Used for stainless steel stretchers, you'll benefit from a very secure fit. However, they are more awkward to put on and take off.

So there you have it! Your guide to ball stretching. If we've stretched your imagination and you have a question, email us at [email protected] Swing low, sweet testicles!


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