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Hen Night Essentials

No hen do is complete until the kinky accessories come out! Our huge range of hen night essentials is filled with hen party games, sexy accessories and must-have pieces. Make sure it's a memorable night as you stock up on naughty treats and essentials for your hen, and get ready for a hilarious evening! Why not take it to the next level with some light bondage restraints?

  • Jelly Willies

    • Suck on a willy without raising eyebrows • Fruity flavoured, fun treats • Perfect novelty gift for a friend   › More

    £5.99 In Stock
  • Grow Your Own Willy

    • Some people like to grow flowers, others like to grow willies • Soak this miniature cock in water and watch it expand! • A grower, not a...   › More

    £1.99 £3.99 In Stock
  • Racing Willies Wind Up Toys
    3 For 2 Gifts

    Racing Willies Wind Up Toys

    • Fun and cheeky novelty toy, perfect as a stocking filler or a Secret Santa gift • Two racing willy toys in each pack • Pull back wind up...   › More

    £3.99 In Stock
  • Jizz Drinking Game

    • A game that combines willies and drinking…need we say more? • Fill the willy with your favourite drink, spin the wheel and get...   › More

    £22.99 In Stock
  • Predictive Pecker Fortune Telling Game

    • Find out what your future holds with the Predictive Pecker • Watch its movement and match it to the instruction card • Seven activities...   › More

    £4.99 In Stock
  • Strawberry Flavoured Pussy Lollipop
    3 For 2 Gifts

    Strawberry Flavoured Pussy Lollipop

    • Sweet, strawberry flavoured lollipop • Realistic detailing for extra temptation! • Perfect for a stag do or as a novelty gift   › More

    £12.99 In Stock
  • Prosecco-Flavoured Jelly Willies
    3 For 2 Gifts

    Prosecco-Flavoured Jelly Willies

    • A sweet treat with a penis-shaped twist • Tastes of prosecco but alcohol-free!  • Comes in a champagne-style bottle   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Bachelorette Party Dice
    Outlet - Up To 50% Off

    Bachelorette Party Dice

    The Bachelorette Party Dice are definitely loaded...with fun! Not sure what lays in wait for you on your hen party? Or you like the idea of letting destiny...   › More

    £3.49 £9.99 In Stock
  • Hen Party Boppers

    • The best team accessory to keep a tally of your hens • Draw attention to your hens with the fluffy, heart-shaped boppers  • Complete...   › More

    £1.99 In Stock
  • Candy Blow Job Willy
    3 For 2 Gifts

    Candy Blow Job Willy

    • Large shaped candy penis. • Perfect for practicing your sucking skills! • Naughty favour for a hen party.   › More

    £8.99 In Stock
  • Cock Cupcake Pan
    Outlet - Up To 50% Off

    Cock Cupcake Pan

    • Cock shaped cupcake pan for naughty erotic baking. • Perfect for making edible peckers for bachelorette parties.  • Get creative with...   › More

    £8.49 £9.99 In Stock
  • Penis Lollipop Mould
    Outlet - Up To 50% Off

    Penis Lollipop Mould

    • Hilarious penis lollipop moulds for a night of pure joy. • Design and create your own personal chocolate cock! • It’s not a party...   › More

    £3.49 £9.99 In Stock
  • Lipdicks
    3 For 2 Gifts


    • Shimmering penis shaped lipstick. • Perfect party favour for hen parties or the bride-to-be. • Randomly selected colour.   › More

    £4.99 In Stock
  • Bride-to-Be Drink & Dare Bingo
    Outlet - Up To 50% Off

    Bride-to-Be Drink & Dare Bingo

    • A bingo game with a hysterical hen-party twist  • Compete amongst your friends as you perform naughty dares • From asking you to...   › More

    £7.49 £9.99 In Stock
  • Double the Fun Inta-mates Undies
    3 For 2 Gifts

    Double the Fun Inta-mates Undies

    • Show your loved one how much you care with underwear both of you can share • Ensure no pesky clothes get in the way of you and your partner...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Naughty Willy Mug

    • The perfect novelty gift for your friend who has a combined love of willies and hot drinks!  • Looks like a standard mug – until you...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Inflatable Perfect Man

    • Not having much luck with men? Introducing the Perfect Man! • Perfection in a petite package, measuring 50cm tall when inflated • A...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Saucy Hen Night Badges
    Outlet - Up To 50% Off

    Saucy Hen Night Badges

    • For a group of up to six, stand out as you show off your cheeky personality  • Let your friends decide which title suits you best!  ...   › More

    £3.49 £9.99 In Stock
  • Pin the Cucumber on the Hunk Game
    Outlet - Up To 50% Off

    Pin the Cucumber on the Hunk Game

    • Relive your favourite childhood game ‘Pin the tail on the donkey’ with a naughty adult’s only twist • Conquer the cucumber by...   › More

    £6.49 £9.99 In Stock
  • Pug Sequin Nipple Tassels
    Outlet - Up To 50% Off

    Pug Sequin Nipple Tassels

    • Take your love for pugs to the next level! • Accessory features sparkling sequins and gold tassels  • Includes double-sided sticky...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Unicorn Sequin Nipple Tassels
    3 For 2 Gifts

    Unicorn Sequin Nipple Tassels

    • Unicorn-style nipple tassels for a magical accessory  • Colourful design covered in sequins creates a bold look • Fits securely to...   › More

    £11.99 In Stock
  • Truth or Dare Dice Game

    • Fun, easy-to-learn game of truth or dare!  • Perfect for couples or a group of friends  • Roll the dice and discover your destiny!   › More

    £7.99 In Stock
  • Naked Women Erotic Playing Cards
    BOGOHP Couples' Games

    Naked Women Erotic Playing Cards

    • Play all your favourite games with this deck of 54 cards  • Pick up a card and reveal another sexy woman!  • Perfect for a games...   › More

    £4.99 In Stock
  • COCKtails Chocolate Liqueur Willy Lollipop
    3 For 2 Gifts

    COCKtails Chocolate Liqueur Willy Lollipop

    • Lick and suck this willy-shaped lollipop!  • Chocolate liqueur flavour for a sweet treat  • Perfect novelty gift for a friend or...   › More

    £4.99 In Stock
  • COCKtails Mojito Willy Lollipop
    3 For 2 Gifts

    COCKtails Mojito Willy Lollipop

    • Get your lips around this willy-shaped lolly  • Mojito flavoured to get the party started!  • Perfect as a gift for a friend or...   › More

    £4.99 In Stock
  • Max Power Lipstick Vibe
    3 For 2 Gifts

    Max Power Lipstick Vibe

    • Discreet vibe will easily pass as part of your make-up bag  • Lipstick’s tapered tip is perfect for targeted stimulation •...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Emergency Mini Vibrator
    3 For 2 Gifts

    Emergency Mini Vibrator

    • Emergency bullet for times of sexual crisis • Packs plenty of power to avert disaster • Presented in an emergency-style gift box   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Willy Egg Fryer
    3 For 2 Gifts

    Willy Egg Fryer

    • How do you like your eggs in the morning? • Cock-shaped mould for serving kinky cuisine • Not dishwasher proof   › More

    £6.99 In Stock
  • Marshmallow Willies
    3 For 2 Gifts

    Marshmallow Willies

    • A classic treat with a naughty, willy-shaped twist • Finish off your hot chocolate or roast on a fire • Sugary coating for an extra-sweet...   › More

    £5.99 In Stock
  • Succulent Willie Lollipop
    3 For 2 Gifts

    Succulent Willie Lollipop

    • Practice your sucking action with this willy lollipop • Strawberry flavour promises a sweet treat • Perfect for a hen...   › More

    £4.99 In Stock
  • Duck with a Dick
    3 For 2 Gifts

    Duck with a Dick

    • Rubber duck has a naughty secret hiding beneath the water • Bath time is set to become a lively affair! • Surprise...   › More

    £5.99 In Stock
  • Peppermint Peckers

    • Get minty-fresh breath with these peppermint peckers • Willy-shaped mints are sugar-free and extra-strong • Give it a good suck and enjoy...   › More

    £2.99 In Stock
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