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Be it for an anniversary, birthday, hen night or stag do, our range of gifts and games is exactly what you need! With naughty treats, novelty items and more, you'll find it all right here. Switch up your foreplay with a sexy game, make it a memorable night with a risqué novelty or let the hilarity ensue with a rude gift. Whatever the occasion, we've got it all!

  • Sexy 6 Dice – Sex Edition

    • Hundreds of sexual fantasies to be revealed by the roll of a dice • Feel the tension and anticipation build as fate determines your...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Bondara Man Blow Job Undies
    20% Off 5* Gifts

    Bondara Man Blow Job Undies

    • Be prepared for some downstairs action with these men's undies • Framed with lips, the front opening directs your playmate to your penis •...   › More

    £9.49 £11.99 In Stock
  • Quickies Pocket Book

    • Mini book containing 48 morning, noon and night time erotic positions. • Master hand jobs, oral sex and sex positions perfect for when...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Bondara Gift Voucher £30

    • Let them take their pick with a £30 Bondara Gift Voucher • From sex toys to bondage, they'll be spoilt for choice   •...   › More

    £30.00 In Stock
  • Clone a Willy Original Vibrating Kit

    • Double-up on the fun with this Clone a Willy kit • Create a vibrating replica of yours or your partner's penis • Easy...   › More

    £32.99 In Stock
  • Lipdicks
    20% Off 5* Gifts


    • Shimmering penis shaped lipstick. • Perfect party favour for hen parties or the bride-to-be. • Randomly selected colour.   › More

    £3.99 £4.99 In Stock
  • Porn Sperm - 125ml
    20% Off 5* Gifts

    Porn Sperm - 125ml

    • Smooth and high-quality fake sperm • Imitates the look and consistency of cum • Perfect for fetish play   › More

    £7.99 £9.99 In Stock
  • Prosecco-Flavoured Jelly Willies
    Outlet - Up To 50% Off

    Prosecco-Flavoured Jelly Willies

    • A sweet treat with a penis-shaped twist • Tastes of prosecco but alcohol-free!  • Comes in a champagne-style bottle   › More

    £7.99 £9.99 In Stock
  • Bondage Pocket Book

    • Easy-to-follow book includes photographs and step-by-step guides for rope bondage • Covers the basics, essential safety tips and 32 knots and ties...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Saucy Chocolate Body Paint - 120g
    20% Off 5* Gifts

    Saucy Chocolate Body Paint - 120g

    • Take dessert to the bedroom with this chocolate body paint • Drizzle across your partner's body before licking it off • Heighten intimacy...   › More

    £7.99 £9.99 In Stock
  • Max Power Lipstick Vibe

    • Discreet vibe will easily pass as part of your make-up bag  • Lipstick’s tapered tip is perfect for targeted stimulation •...   › More

    £7.99 In Stock
  • Monogamy Board Game
    Free Games KIt

    Monogamy Board Game

    • Game night will never be the same again with over 400 intimate ideas to play out • Roll the dice and accept your sexy challenge as you move around...   › More

    £29.99 In Stock
  • Fetish I.O.U Card Game
    Free Games KIt

    Fetish I.O.U Card Game

    • A steamy card game to live out your wildest fetish desires  • 50 playing cards with kinky commands to inspire hours of titillating...   › More

    £11.99 In Stock
  • Ultimate Love Box - Sex Toy Kit
    Up To 50% Off

    Ultimate Love Box - Sex Toy Kit

    • A varied and seductive box of tricks catering for all your sexual needs  • From bondage to anal beads and cock rings to scented candles, it...   › More

    £31.99 £39.99 In Stock
  • Sexy Seductions Pocket Book

    • 50 seduction ideas and techniques for you and your partner to experiment with. • Photographs and illustrations to guide you through your night (or...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Pin-Up Calendar Big Boobs 2020

    • Get your hands on a daily dose of big boobs and enchanting nipples • A perfect present for any strategic, big boob enthusiast  • Make...   › More

    £2.99 £5.99 In Stock
  • Bondara Red Tie and Tease Bondage Set
    Up To 50% Off

    Bondara Red Tie and Tease Bondage Set

    • Restrain, spank and play your way through the night • Tie up your partner with the hogtie restraint, ball gag and blindfold • Keep them on...   › More

    £24.99 £44.95 In Stock
  • DTF Sex Emoji Card Game
    Free Games KIt

    DTF Sex Emoji Card Game

    • Create kinky propositions using just emojis with this X-rated card game!  • Deal seven cards to each player and take turns to create a...   › More

    £12.99 In Stock
  • Bondara Gift Voucher £50

    • Spoil your loved one with a £50 Bondara Gift Voucher • Let them choose their perfect gift with thousands of lines to explore  ...   › More

    £50.00 In Stock
  • You & Me Intimate Collection Card Game

    You & Me Intimate Collection Card Game, Petals and Eye Mask

    • Intimate Collection includes the card game, faux petals and a blindfold • Earn points as you perform a variety of sensual challenges on your...   › More

    £24.99 In Stock
  • Cola Willies

    • Cola-flavoured sweets for a tasty treat • Willy-shaped design adds a naughty twist • Not suitable for vegetarians   › More

    £5.99 In Stock
  • Candy G-String

    • The perfect after-dinner treat for two • Lick, suck and nibble through the candy • G-string shape leaves your bum on...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Domin8 Couples Game
    Free Games KIt

    Domin8 Couples Game

    • Safe words at the ready as you bring a bit of BDSM to your game night with Domin8 • Take control or be the submissive during intimate and devious...   › More

    £19.99 In Stock
  • Pin-up Calendar Abierta Fina 2020

    • Enjoy twelve months of sexy lingerie lovelies hanging in your home or workplace  • Pass the days with pleasing, pointy nipples and...   › More

    £2.99 £5.99 In Stock
  • You & Me Card Game
    Free Games KIt

    You & Me Card Game

    • A game of chance that delivers sexy, adventurous activities • Roll the dice to see who the receiver of the pleasure will be • In a...   › More

    £19.99 In Stock
  • DTF Emoji Dice Game

    DTF Emoji Dice Game

    • Let emojis decide your fate with this sexy dice game! • Take turns to roll the dice and act out the various actions • Will you lick the...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Jelly Willies
    Outlet - Up To 50% Off

    Jelly Willies

    • Suck on a willy without raising eyebrows • Fruity flavoured, fun treats • Perfect novelty gift for a friend   › More

    £5.99 In Stock
  • Erotic Heart of Couple’s Challenges

    Erotic Heart of Couple’s Challenges

    • Heart-shaped box contains 21 sensual challenges • Game for two adds thrill and excitement wherever you are  • Easily portable size is...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Peppermint Peckers

    • Get minty-fresh breath with these peppermint peckers • Willy-shaped mints are sugar-free and extra-strong • Give it a good suck and enjoy...   › More

    £2.99 In Stock
  • Candy Bra

    • Lick, suck and nibble your way to the real treat underneath • Candy bra on an elasticated band for easy, comfortable wear • Perfect for...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Mint BJ Spray - 20ml

    • Freshen up before and after oral sex with this easy-to-use spray • Creates a cooling, tingling sensation you'll both enjoy • Just two...   › More

    £12.49 In Stock
  • Emergency Mini Vibrator

    • Emergency bullet for times of sexual crisis • Packs plenty of power to avert disaster • Presented in an emergency-style gift box   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
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