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50 Best Sellers

With our best sellers, you know you're in for a good time! Featuring some of our most popular pieces, discover everything from novelty presents and gag gifts to erotic essentials and sexy games. Set the mood for a night in or let hilarity ensue as you take your pick from 50 of our best-selling lines!

  • BJ Blast Strawberry Oral Sex Candy
    5* Sex Aids

    BJ Blast Strawberry Oral Sex Candy

    • Strawberry flavoured popping sex candy. • Pop and fizz your way to a new and exciting orgasm. • Edible bedroom fun candy with enough for...   › More

    £3.99 In Stock
  • Edible Strawberry Gummy Panties

    • Strawberry flavoured gummy panties for women. • Edible crotchless underwear for cheeky easy access. • Also available for Men .   › More

    £7.99 In Stock
  • Bondara Man Blow Job Undies
    Free Pride Condoms

    Bondara Man Blow Job Undies

    • Be prepared for some downstairs action with these men's undies • Framed with lips, the front opening directs your playmate to your penis •...   › More

    £11.99 In Stock
  • Bondage Pocket Book

    • Easy-to-follow book includes photographs and step-by-step guides for rope bondage • Covers the basics, essential safety tips and 32 knots and ties...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Sexy 6 Dice – Foreplay Edition
    BOGOHP Couples' Games

    Sexy 6 Dice – Foreplay Edition

    • Explore hundreds of foreplay fetishes determined by the throw of a dice • Enjoy the extreme excitement of random sexual selection   ...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Porn Sperm - 125ml
    5* Sex Aids

    Porn Sperm - 125ml

    • Smooth and high-quality fake sperm • Imitates the look and consistency of cum • Perfect for fetish play   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Clone a Willy Original Vibrating Kit

    • Double-up on the fun with this Clone a Willy kit • Create a vibrating replica of yours or your partner's penis • Easy...   › More

    £36.99 In Stock
  • Bedroom Commands Card Set
    BOGOHP Couples' Games

    Bedroom Commands Card Set

    • Inspiring the confidence you need to Dominate in the bedroom with X-rated instructions • Two decks of cards, each tailored to his and her sexual...   › More

    £11.99 In Stock
  • Our Sex Game
    BOGOHP Couples' Games

    Our Sex Game

    • Gender-neutral sex game for couples • Three stimulating areas including 'Seductive', 'Erotic' and 'X-Rated' • Random combinations every...   › More

    £29.99 In Stock
  • Faux Red Rose Petals

    • For seduction and romantic nights in • Faux petals can be used time and time again • Colour and quantity may vary...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Mint BJ Spray - 20ml

    • Freshen up before and after oral sex with this easy-to-use spray • Creates a cooling, tingling sensation you'll both enjoy • Just two...   › More

    £12.99 In Stock
  • Candy Bra
    Up To 30% Off

    Candy Bra

    • Lick, suck and nibble your way to the real treat underneath • Candy bra on an elasticated band for easy, comfortable wear • Perfect for...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • BJ Blast Cherry Oral Candy
    5* Sex Aids

    BJ Blast Cherry Oral Candy

    • Cherry flavoured popping oral sex candy. • Exploding edible sweets for a naughty night of fun. • Also available in Strawberry and Apple .   › More

    £2.99 In Stock
  • BJ Blast Apple Oral Candy
    5* Sex Aids

    BJ Blast Apple Oral Candy

    • Apple flavoured popping sex candy. • Edible sex candy for an orgasm like never before. • Also available in Strawberry and Cherry .   › More

    £3.99 In Stock
  • Max Power Lipstick Vibe

    • Discreet vibe will easily pass as part of your make-up bag  • Lipstick’s tapered tip is perfect for targeted stimulation •...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Bondara Dare to Be Sexy Dice Game
    BOGOHP Couples' Games

    Bondara Dare to Be Sexy Dice Game

    • Everyone’s a winner with this erotic dice game • Roll the location die to discover the room - Bedroom, Bathroom, Front room, Hallway,...   › More

    £4.99 In Stock
  • Feeling Fruity Jelly Boobs

    • Breast-shaped sweets are perfect for sucking • Gummy treats with a delicious, fruity taste • Not suitable for vegetarians   › More

    £5.99 In Stock
  • Monogamy Board Game

    • Game night will never be the same again with over 400 intimate ideas to play out • Roll the dice and accept your sexy challenge as you move around...   › More

    £29.99 In Stock
  • Candy G-String

    • The perfect after-dinner treat for two • Lick, suck and nibble through the candy • G-string shape leaves your bum on...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • I.O.U Hot Sex Cards
    BOGOHP Couples' Games

    I.O.U Hot Sex Cards

    • Variety is the spice of life and with 50 sexually explicit task cards, you will be spoilt for choice • Reveal the kinky instruction and revel in...   › More

    £11.99 In Stock
  • Glow In The Dark Cock Ring Set

    • Turn out the lights and be guided to his cock • Glow-in-the-dark cock rings add a naughty glow • Perfect for a night of dark passion and...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Edible Body Paints and Brush Set
    Up To 30% Off

    Edible Body Paints and Brush Set

    • Write sweet nothings onto your partner’s skin with this edible paint set • Four delicious flavours include passion fruit, cherry,...   › More

    £9.99 £11.99 In Stock
  • Lesbian Sex Card Game
    BOGOHP Couples' Games

    Lesbian Sex Card Game

    • Lesbian sex card game, perfect for a naughty night in. • 50 illustrated cards to give you sexy ideas to try with your partner. • Find out...   › More

    £11.99 In Stock
  • Naughty Night In 8 Piece Kit
    Up To 50% Off

    Naughty Night In 8 Piece Kit

    • The perfect set for foreplay, seduction and a night to remember!  • Set the mood with faux rose petals and arouse their senses with the...   › More

    £37.99 £75.92 In Stock
  • Night In Essentials 6 Piece Purple Couple's Set
    Up To 50% Off

    Night In Essentials 6 Piece Purple Couple's Set

    • 6 piece set designed for couples. • Contains anal beads, Ben Wa balls, bullet, multi-speed G-spot vibrator, cock sleeve and cock ring – all...   › More

    £29.99 £39.99 In Stock
  • Peppermint Peckers

    • Get minty-fresh breath with these peppermint peckers • Willy-shaped mints are sugar-free and extra-strong • Give it a good suck and enjoy...   › More

    £2.99 In Stock
  • Sex Games Pocket Book

    • 27 naughty sex game ideas to spice up your bedroom play time.  • Sensual photographs and illustrations to help you learn the ropes.   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Fetish Fun Kinky Bondage Board Game
    BOGOHP Couples' Games

    Fetish Fun Kinky Bondage Board Game

    • Over sixty-five actions that get increasingly hotter with each roll of the dice • Explore your deepest fetishes and fantasies one square at a time...   › More

    £22.99 In Stock
  • Clone a Willy Glow in the Dark Vibrating Kit

    • Allows you to make a lifelike vibrating silicone replica of your partner's penis  • Guaranteed to put a smile of your partner's face whatever...   › More

    £40.99 In Stock
  • Cloneboy Create Your Own Suction Cup Dildo Kit

    • Ensure your partner’s penis is never far away • Suction cup base for a wild, hands-free ride  • Great results in four...   › More

    £34.99 In Stock
  • Marshmallow Willies

    • A classic treat with a naughty, willy-shaped twist • Finish off your hot chocolate or roast on a fire • Sugary coating for an extra-sweet...   › More

    £5.99 In Stock
  • Domin8 Couples Game
    BOGOHP Couples' Games

    Domin8 Couples Game

    • Safe words at the ready as you bring a bit of BDSM to your game night with Domin8 • Take control or be the submissive during intimate and devious...   › More

    £19.99 In Stock
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