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Erotic Books

Escape reality and into a realm of passion or brush up on your kinky knowledge with our range of erotic books. Have a sexy night in as you curl up on the sofa or put your new skills to the test. From guides to fiction, these adult books are perfect for a little light reading...

  • Sex Games Pocket Book

    • 27 naughty sex game ideas to spice up your bedroom play time.  • Sensual photographs and illustrations to help you learn the ropes.   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Bondage Pocket Book

    • Easy-to-follow book includes photographs and step-by-step guides for rope bondage • Covers the basics, essential safety tips and 32 knots and ties...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Penis Genius Pocket Book

    • Become a penis genius with this travel-sized book • Tips and tricks for hand jobs, blow jobs and intercourse • Easy-to-read book includes...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Quickies Pocket Book

    • Mini book containing 48 morning, noon and night time erotic positions. • Master hand jobs, oral sex and sex positions perfect for when...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Orgasm Pocket Book

    • Take control of your orgasms with this easy-to-follow book • Discover the best positions, with or without a partner  • Deepen your...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Position Sex Pocket Book

    • 50 kinky and wild sex positions in a handy sized book. • Get more from your sex life with the detailed photographs and directions.   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Oral Sex Pocket Book

    • 50 oral sex positions – 25 for her and 25 for him.  • Photographs and illustrations to show you how to pleasure your partner.   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Sexy Seductions Pocket Book

    • 50 seduction ideas and techniques for you and your partner to experiment with. • Photographs and illustrations to guide you through your night (or...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Kama Sutra Pocket Book

    • Mini book featuring 52 erotic positions from the art of Kama Sutra.  • Illustrative pictures to show you exactly how to please your lover   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Tantric Sex Pocket Book

    • Discover Tantric sex: an ancient Hindu practice that focuses on simple meditation and breathing techniques  • Heighten intimacy and calm your...   › More

    £11.99 In Stock
  • Sex Games 4 Piece Training Kit
    Up To 50% Off

    Sex Games 4 Piece Training Kit

    • Everyone’s a winner with this sex games set!  • Learn 27 new game ideas with the Sex Games book • Put the ‘play’ in...   › More

    £13.99 £19.97 In Stock
  • Female Orgasm Training Kit
    Up To 50% Off

    Female Orgasm Training Kit

    • ‘Orgasm’, ‘climax’, ‘the big O’ – whatever you call it, this kit delivers it • Take control of your...   › More

    £27.99 £38.96 In Stock
  • Beginnerís Bondage Training Kit
    Up To 50% Off

    Beginnerís Bondage Training Kit

    • Discover the thrill of power play with this bondage training set • Bondage Book teaches you safety essentials and basics of rope play •...   › More

    £24.99 £35.96 In Stock
  • Kama Sutra 2 Piece Training Kit
    Up To 50% Off

    Kama Sutra 2 Piece Training Kit

    • Reawaken your sexual desire and enhance your bedroom play with this essential training set  • Kama Sutra Pocket Book is filled with 52 new...   › More

    £29.99 £47.98 In Stock
  • Oral Sex 4 Piece Training Kit
    Up To 50% Off

    Oral Sex 4 Piece Training Kit

    • Deliver out-of-this-world oral with this training kit!  • Learn 50 new tricks with the Oral Sex Pocket Book • Soft blindfold enhances...   › More

    £18.99 £22.46 In Stock
  • Sexy Pocket Book 10-Piece Collection
    Up To 50% Off

    Sexy Pocket Book 10-Piece Collection

    • A multipack of 10 pocket-sized books to spice up your love life  • Illustrated with high-quality images and packed with sexy ideas to try!...   › More

    £69.99 £99.90 In Stock
  • Quickies Training Kit
    Up To 50% Off

    Quickies Training Kit

    • No time? No problem! Be left satisfied wherever, whenever!  • Learn the best positions with the Quickie Pocket Book • Slide into...   › More

    £19.99 £34.96 In Stock
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