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Vagina Wellness Cream - Tightening 30ml

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Product code: VD51
Description - Vagina Wellness Cream - Tightening 30ml

Vagina Wellness is a cream designed for tightening the vagina. This fabulous cream will give you and your partner a better and more intense penetration and stimulation experience. Vagina Wellness Cream is the number 1 vagina tightening cream in the UK.

Product specifications
Designed for Women
Vagina Wellness Cream Features Vagina Tightening and Stimulation Cream
Vagina Wellness Cream Size 30ml
Full description - Vagina Wellness Cream - Tightening 30ml

A cream for females who wish to tighten their vagina. Vaginal Wellness cream is a specially compounded formula for women wishing to feel increased stimulation or penetration. Just massage a small amount of this highly effective cream on and around the outer vagina lips. By tightening the vagina with the amazing Wellness cream, both stimulation and penetration will feel more intense making it easier to orgasm. This will enhance both your own and your partners sexual experience.

Customer reviews for Vagina Wellness Cream - Tightening 30ml

It does what it says, I like it.

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