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Stainless Steel Ball Stretchers

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Product code: TD01
Description - Stainless Steel Ball Stretchers

Super high quality, hand polished, medical grade stainless steel ball stretchers. 15mm thickness and 35mm internal diameter. A selection of widths are available: 14mm (200g), 28mm (460g), 42mm (650g), 56mm (870g). Supplied in a black velvet pouch. These are the highest quality stainless steel ball stretchers available in the UK.

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Product specifications
Ball Stretcher Material Stainless Steel Medical Grade (the best you can get)
Ball Stretcher Internal Diameter 35mm
Ball Stretcher Thickness 15mm
Width Sizes Avaliable 14mm (200g), 28mm (460g), 42mm (650g), 56mm (870g)
Ball Stretcher Supplied With Allen Key and Stylish Black Velvet Bag
Full description - Stainless Steel Ball Stretchers

These beautiful and stylish stainless steel hand polished ball stretchers are the best you can get. Made of medical grade stainless steel and available in various width sizes. Supplied in a lovely black velvet pouch which you can use to store or present as a gift. The stainless steel ring splits in half and is applied around the testicles. It is then secured by two screws with the supplied allen key. Sizing is easy and these ball stretchers are very comfortable to wear.

Customer reviews for Stainless Steel Ball Stretchers

As mentioned in my earlier review "Wonderful", I have just taken delivery of my 14mm stainless steel stretcher as an addition to my 28mm.
I immediately attached it alongside my 28mm, and wow, what a feeling. The excitment of knowing the process of stretching is actually working is so erotic. if this continues i will soon be adding to my collection.
Thank you Bondara.

Review by: Cass

Wonderful is the word that immediately comes to mind. I ordered the 28mm stretcher and was waiting excitedly for the package to arrive, when it did (wonderful service from Bondara), it was immediately put in its rightful will remain there for ever!!
I am about to order a 14mm to compliment this perfect fitting 28mm.

Review by: Cass
Luv em

I was feeling horny one night and decided to order a few toys. Amongst them was the 28mm ball stretcher, it's the best of the lot, superb quality and wow what a feeling. A bit uncomfortable initially (the fact I was greedy and didn't start with the 14mm) but now I wear it 24/7. I'm not sure if I should go for the biggest size next or double up with 14mm. Great product and Bondara are quick and reliable.

Review by: Freddie

bought the 14mm stretcher bit fiddle to put but once on the feeling was fantastic.just sent for another 14 mm can't wait for it to arrive.

Review by: bc
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