Stainless Steel Ball Stretchers

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Description - Stainless Steel Ball Stretchers

Super high quality, hand polished, medical grade stainless steel ball stretchers. 15mm thickness and 35mm internal diameter. A selection of widths are available: 14mm (200g), 28mm (460g), 42mm (650g), 56mm (870g). Supplied in a black velvet pouch. These are the highest quality stainless steel ball stretchers available in the UK.

Product specifications
Ball Stretcher Material Stainless Steel Medical Grade (the best you can get)
Ball Stretcher Internal Diameter 35mm
Ball Stretcher Thickness 15mm
Width Sizes Avaliable 14mm (200g), 28mm (460g), 42mm (650g), 56mm (870g)
Ball Stretcher Supplied With Allen Key and Stylish Black Velvet Bag
Full description - Stainless Steel Ball Stretchers

These beautiful and stylish stainless steel hand polished ball stretchers are the best you can get. Made of medical grade stainless steel and available in various width sizes. Supplied in a lovely black velvet pouch which you can use to store or present as a gift. The stainless steel ring splits in half and is applied around the testicles. It is then secured by two screws with the supplied allen key. Sizing is easy and these ball stretchers are very comfortable to wear.

Customer reviews for Stainless Steel Ball Stretchers
Hanging Low

I bought the 14mm stretcher a while back to start off with and it felt great so i ordered the 28mm and got it 2 weeks ago. I wear both 24/7. The feeling is amazing and really stretches out your balls. Delighted with them and will be back for the next size up ASAP!

Review by: ND
Wow !!!

Bought the 28mm a couple of days ago. A bit daunting at first, seemed really heavy and fiddly to say the least but getting used to the weight and technique for putting it on.. Can't take it off now !!!!The sensations are incredible, who knew taking the dog out for a walk would be so much fun !!

Review by: Paul
Fully armed!

I wear the largest and heaviest with my 2 inch thick cock ring and 12mm Prince Albert and when I fuck the cock ring and weights bang together. I have even managed to insert the whole lot (cock and nuts) into my wife who gushed for England. Awesome product and I am going to work up to wearing two LARGE ones - I want bull nuts!

Review by: Ian

I initially bought the 14mm ball stretcher with the hooks for hanging weights off, which is good in itself, but this is slightly better (no hooks poking into your thighs!). Wearing both together is awesome, plus hanging off the lead fishing weights gives that extra dimension, a very masochistic dimension. Will train a bit longer with what I now have, but will definitely be buying another 14mm ring in the near future - 42mm ball stretching!!!

Review by: Stu
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